Who’s The Boss?

December 5, 2008 – 8:30 am

Who's The Boss?

When Angelina hires RONNIE to clean her carpets this babe expects service with a smile, but what this babe acquires is a amorous, little pervert who needs a lesson. When her carpet is still indecent, that babe demands that this chab clean it again. While that gent is bent over, that babe takes notice that that fellow is wearing tights…HER tights. Not solely has this nasty lady-killer been slacking on the job, but this chab is been pilfering her underthings, likewise. That babe thinks his behavior merits a drubbing so she puts him over her knee and gives him a hardly any whacks to flaunt him who is boss. But the truth is, Angelina and MANUEL both know who the boss is and he’s relishing his flogging not quite as much as Angelina is.

Who's The Boss?

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