Video Shorts: 22:34 Minute Video of Kirra Lynne

April 29, 2008 – 5:30 pm

Episode Shorts: 22:34 Minute Episode of Kirra Lynne

Ah, youthful love. It’s a magical thing, full of the flitting and fluttering of emotions and the quick rush of silly excitement. No thing is exudes larger quantity heat than two youthful paramours lost in experimentation and giving in to their newfound longing. Kirra is a innocent cheerleader who doesn’t know much about sex, but that babe knows that this babe harbors secret wants that that babe is afraid to share. In a ballsy and brash move, that babe asks her hubby to smell and lave her toes and when he does she becomes excited and wild, giving him her cherry and her feet to cum on.

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