Valentine’s Vixen

May 20, 2009 – 9:30 am

Valentine's Vixen

“I’m looking for a gent who will take care of me on Valentine’s Day. Will you be that man? Will u buy me frilly and fancy things that I can wear for u when we are lost in heated ecstasy in my ottoman? I promise that I’ll award your efforts with the tightest of foot love tunnels for your dissolute dong. And if u tire of my feet, u can always cum in my throat.”

“I watch Valentine’s as an excuse to overindulge on chocolate and acquire a lot of froufrou gifts from admirers. So if you wanna give me a gift that we can one as well as the other relish then you should note that I love expensive leather shoes and beautiful silk nylons. If you bring them to me then I’ll wear ’em for u so you can relish them with me. I guess that expensive shoes look even larger quantity worthwhile when they are splattered with cum. And silk nylons are the almost all wonderful for giving foot jobs. So you watch, I’m not greedy. I merely ask for the superlatively nice gifts so that I can give u the almost all joy, my pet.”

“I would like to meet a man who is on the verge of discovering his fetish for feet. I’d receive off on being the first lady to trample his 10-Pounder or slide my slick soles on his hard-on. It would be like deflowering a virgin and that is kinky, do not you think? I crave a buck who will whisper something like, ‘I have always had a thing for feet. Do you think I can smack yours?’ shyly to me. I would love to be the reason for his first real groans of enjoyment.”

Valentine's Vixen

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