Toe Jam: 60 Photos of Tessa West

January 3, 2008 – 4:30 pm

Toe Jam: 60 Pix of Tessa West

“Are u a hungry dude? I’ve got something to whet your palate. Let me knead this succulent banana betwixt my toes. That is right, now open wide. Be sure to lick each mashed morsel from each one of my toe pits, or else u won’t get any dessert. Yeah, like that. What a dainty eater u are! I think I should smear this food all over your face with my in nature’s garb soles. You like to feel my fruit-caked arches caressing against your cheek, do not u? I hope you’re not full. It’s time for dessert: a serving of cock-in-toe jam with a creamy cum topping.”

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