Rubber Ball: 67 Photos of Kara Tai

November 30, 2007 – 4:30 pm

Rubber Ball: 67 Pix of Kara Tai

“Take a long look at me. View my fetching legs and my glamorous tights and worship me. I’m your female-dominator. Do you see my lengthy nails? Would u like me to scratch my legs with ’em? Maybe tear the nylon that has my legs bound and taut? No, that would not do, would it? You most like to rip my hose yourself, don’t u? I understand. I will pose for you and I will reveal you what you wanna see, but remember this…I can make u cum whenever I desire. I know it, and you do, also. Coz I am that captivating. Coz u wish me that much. I can smell your longing and your fear of me and it makes me luscious. I love having control over u.”

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