Rubber Ball: 45 Photos of Jazzy Jade

November 1, 2007 – 4:30 pm

Rubber Ball: 45 Pictures of Jazzy Jade

“I acquire to be spoiled and pampered by a gent,” says mocha female-dominant Jazzy Jade. “A fellow needs to take care of me and take me shopping and to fancy restaurants. Then he can bathe my feet and legs in a warm washroom. Then this ladies man has to rub sex cream into my feet and my calves. Then perhaps I will caress him with my toes for a little while, but that buck cannot cum on me. If a buck spills his seed on me out of my permission I will chastise him. I may put on my tallest stilletos and trample his pathetic dick. No one cums but me. Unless I feel that he’s fine, then I might let him spill a hardly any drops.”

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