Playing With Hery Tiny Toes

June 17, 2008 – 5:30 pm

Playing With Hery Slight Toes

“I’m super-flexible,” says baby-faced, tiny-voiced Tatum Bailey. “I receive
really turned on when I bring my legs up to my face and then play with
my toes. I cant play with my toes with out getting my twat really,
really luscious. So, I usually initiate with my toes and then go right to
sticking my fingers in my bawdy cleft. Almost any lads like my feet because they are
such a teeny, small size 6. One lad even tried to put my whole foot in
his mouth. Do u wanna try that? I know that I desire you to. [giggles]
I wish u to suck my toes actually bad.”

Playing With Hery Petite Toes

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