Aidra Fox

December 4, 2019 – 2:41 am

Aidra Fox Aidra Fox
Aidra Fox @
We’re back anew…no bullshit…just the feet! This time we have Aidra Fox…the foxiest female in porn, who too sports the sexiest feet on the planet. This babe tanalizes us forever…showing us her pretty painted toes, her high arches and her smooth silky soles. This angel could give a dog a bone with the way she rubs her feet jointly, slathering baby oil in betwixt each little piggy. Our main woman chaser Prince likes those feet too! She crawls to him and presses her constricted little body against his hard 10-Pounder. You know that babe is gonna take each inch of it in her bonkers wet crack, but first she is gotta acquire it real succulent. She pulls out his 10-Pounder and stuffs it deep down her face hole….lubing the shaft and head. This babe uses her feet to jerk his weenie, making sure its hard to stretch her constricted gap wide. That Lothario bends her over driving unfathomable inside her, bringing her to big O. This hawt mom needs to ride…she jumps on slamming her bawdy cleft rock hard onto his knob…draining her vagina of large O. Do not worry that babe flaunts her feet to us the whole time…giving us some insight to exactly where Prince is intend to leave his load. This chab delivers hot cum all over her size 8 feet!!

Aidra Fox Aidra Fox

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Kenzie Reeves

October 3, 2019 – 10:03 am

Kenzie Reeves Kenzie Reeves
Kenzie Reeves @
Kenzie has the majority consummate feet. Her little piggies are neatly tucked jointly in exactly the right proportion. The soles of her feet are the consummate hue of pink and downy love smooth man-juice. That babe can’t live out of her feet getting all the attention. This babe especially likes it when your penis acquires hard from watching the arch on her slight size 6 feet. She supplicates for you to rub them in your hands and slip your fingers throughout her toes. Go ahead…pour some baby oil on ’em, let it leak down to her heels. Lube them up real admirable so this babe can jerk off that shlong off. She wishes to award you for giving such peculiar attention to her little feet. You get to stretch out her puffy love tunnel lips with your large dark meat. She’ll be happy to reveal off her toes the entire time…but merely if u promise to cover ’em in your white sticky cum.
Kenzie Reeves Kenzie Reeves

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Karma Rx

April 21, 2019 – 5:39 pm

Karma Rx Karma Rx
Karma Rx @
Karma Rx is engaged, and in preparation for her big day, Karma’s fianc is paying for her personal trainer. If we’ve said it once, we’ve told it 1,000 times! Personal trainers around your girl ain’t a admirable thing!! Karma’s been brazen and suggestive, but her personal tutor has been nothing but competent. Today, Karma’s determined to receive what she urges — big cock! One time, in passing, the personal trainer told Karma this charmer had a foot fetish, so why not go after his weakness? Karma knows, like most cold-blooded ladies, dudes succumb to their sexual weaknesses, and once her once her pretty feet are in his face, the personal trainer will be putty in her hands. Adore Kryptonite and Superman! And she’s right! Once the personal coach got a whiff of Karma’s glamorous feet, it was on! Face hole. Vagina. And, to his surprise, Karma’s puckered black hole! Certainly the personal coach finished his job all over her beautiful feet, which means all that’s left to do is invoice Karma’s soon-to-be Partner!!
Karma Rx Karma Rx

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Brandi Love

January 24, 2019 – 7:28 pm

Brandi Love Brandi Love
Brandi Love @
Brandi Love and her spouse have been working the floor at a convention over at the Civic Center, and poor Brandi just cant take it anymore. Specifically, her feet pang. U see, Brandi likes wearing her red, high-heeled "come-fuck-me pumps" on the convention floor! They’re super excited, and that helps Brandi make sales! But this babe is had sufficient. Brandi tells "the Hubs" smth like, "I’m going home to acquire my feet caressed by my bonk buddy Rob", and guess what? Hubs is OKAY with that. So sure enough, a little later that afternoon, Brandi’s youthful, muscular lady-killer is over to take care of her. Rob is nearly half Brandi’s age, which is part of the reason Brandi can’t live without rogering him. The other reasons? Rob’s well-endowed, and he’s a enormous cummer! After Rob rubs Brandi’s size 71/2’s with his hands, he’s intend to shag them with his large dick! Rob’s gonna eat Brandi’s lovely muff and shag her pleasant grasp, likewise! Pussy to feet to cunt to feet until he blasts an magnificant load all over Brandi’s squishy, velvety soles and freshly-manicured piggies! And after that, it’s time for round 2!!
Brandi Love Brandi Love

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Shona River

October 10, 2018 – 8:23 am

Shona River Shona River
Shona River @
Prince Yashua loves feet. Love you, it’s one of his fetishes. Now, before u view this scene, u might wanna heave over to Dark Meat White Feet’s sister website, Zebra Angels. Not merely is the lesbian sex betwixt Shona River and Luna Corazon hot hot sexy — you’ll understand a little more of the storyline here. U know, it all starts over at their Zebra Girl’s scene. Essentially, Prince has set up a discharge with Shona River, Luna Corazon’s typist…even though she has a partner! When Prince returns to the studio to shoot Shona, he discovers the 2 hotties have gang fucked! Hotter yet? Shona’s a little nervous, cuz this babe has a spouse. Prince Yashua assures Shona it isn’t cheating if you’re getting paid! Shona agrees, and starts to try on shoes for Prince…and his insatiable foot fetish. One time she tries on a dunky in number, it is time for Prince to slowly remove them. His XXXL-sized wang is as unbending as a rock, and Shona craves it badly. After trying to stuff it in her face hole, Shona stuffs it in her tight, little pink wet crack! She is not ever been so filled up in advance of! Prince doesn’t know what this ladies man loves more — Shona’s ideal feet…or her ideal, shaggy vagina! One thing’s for sure — Prince is coating Shona’s ten little piggies with his thick, hot load!
Shona River Shona River

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Brooklyn Chase

June 13, 2018 – 6:12 pm

Brooklyn Chase Brooklyn Chase
Brooklyn Pursue @
Brooklyn Follow loves her fans…especially her "Foot Piggies"! And since this babe doesn’t have to star in scenes for her foot fetish fans, today’s a particular day! It is truly a "big day", also…but more about that in a second. View Brooklyn come in from her backyard on a hot, summer day. This babe is wearing her white tennis shoes, but she’ll lazily remove them. Brooklyn’s about to be a bitch, so she’ll need her Bitch Heels, and boy…are they hot! But wait! What do you mean Brooklyn’s about to be a bimbo?! Who’s coming over?! Brooklyn merely invites "real" dudes to come shag her, and this day it is Mandingo — and his 13-inch piece of dark meat! What’s that look love next to Brooklyn’s 6 1/2’s? Well, since his jock is twice the size of her feet, Brooklyn’s gonna do her superlatively worthy with those little white feet on that big, darksome meat! Her face hole, cunt, and yeah — even her ass — is plan to accommodate all that dick! Brooklyn’s cute, little toes are pretty soon to be smeared in man-juice, which she’ll play with during the time that you finish as well! What a scene!!
Brooklyn Chase Brooklyn Chase

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Riley Star

January 16, 2018 – 6:45 pm

Riley Star Riley Star
Riley Star @
It’s date night, and super-hot, interracial pair Riley Star and Flash Brown are hitting the town! Riley likes walking around with Flash, hand-in-hand, as all the white studs give them lengthy stares! They know what’s up. And the merely thing Flash likes as much as white slit is white feet! He loves Riley’s size 5’s, and that fellow loves it when this babe puts on heels…the sexier the more mind boggling! Previous to date night, he’s gonna help Riley pick out what shoes she’s going to wear with her sexy raiment. The merely issue? He can not even get through helping her try on three different pairs before this chab is nibbling on her piggies! "Oh! I watch u went and got a recent pedicure!" Flash says, trying to hide his passion. Pretty soon, this guy is sniffing and engulfing her impressive soles and tiny toes. Flash especially likes screwing her white feet because they are so slight…like her slight, white vagina. Which this man hits, certainly, bringing Riley to more than one big O previous to their date. Flash dumps his thick, creamy all over Riley’s smooth, smooth soles. After all, that buck would not want to make a mess on her alluring face! He’s hungry now and doesn’t wanna wait on Riley to receive to re-do her make-up!!
Riley Star Riley Star

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Mistress of Your Cock

November 28, 2017 – 8:36 am

Lady of Your Cock

Mistress of Your Cock

No petticoat chaser could resist a woman as gracious as Ivana. That babe is the type of girl who could have anyone she wants–including you, you dirty foot perv. This babe knows your type. She sees you staring at her built thighs and beautiful feet, and this babe can’t live without it. That’s why whenever she finds herself a foot stud, she does anything in her vigour to tempt him and drive him crazy. In those pics, this babe reveals u exactly how this babe handles her avid, little ped slaves. First that babe parades around in heels and a petite skirt, flexing her quads with every step. Then she’ll make you engulf her toes. If u do a admirable job, then you get the fun of banging her exactly how that babe tells u to.

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Sweet Punishment

October 4, 2017 – 8:09 am

Enjoyable Torment

Sweet Punishment

Gianna Rossi knows her place, and that’s on top. Although that is not to say that babe doesn’t relish a little challenge. Sometimes it is enjoyment to put guys who talk back in their place. That is when this babe receives to step on their face with her Cuban heel-clad foot. No thing gives her more enjoyment than forcefully pushing her feet into a misbehaving boy’s mouth. If u give her any lip, she’ll yoke you by the tie and tell you to take up with the tongue her feet from bottom to top and then, just when you’re unnerved by her dominance and forcefulness, she will shag u within an inch of your life and order u to cum on her feet. Yep, Ms. Rossi is actually dangerous and exciting, but there is nothing not right with that.

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