Leg Sex October 2007: 70 Photos of Aiden Star

November 7, 2007 – 4:30 pm

Leg Sex October 2007: 70 Pix of Aiden Star

What did you like almost all awesome about this discharge? “I indeed liked posing on the roof ‘cuz I saw that people in the surrounding buildings were watching me, and the idea that I was so undressed made me feel hot. At one point, I could watch a guy standing at a window, and he was staring down at me while I stretched my legs. I saw that that guy was aroused, and then he started touching himself. It made me moist that my stripped body could bring out his primal side. But I think it’s be-cause I’ve always been intrigued by voyeurism. It’s sexual when u watch an private pont of time or someone’s vulnerabilty and they don’t know they are being observed.”

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