LEG SEX June 2007: 70 Photos of Amy Madrid

June 6, 2007 – 4:30 pm

LEG SEX June 2007: 70 Fotos of Amy Madrid

“I am a flirt,” confessed exotic ravisher Amy Madrid. “I love to talk with and tease the one and the other males and hotty’s. I live in Miami, so I always wear short, short skirts and high, high heels and when I walk down the street, I smile and wink at everyone who stares at me-and there’re plenty of people who do! Just yesterday, I got a wolf whistle from a group of Cuban construction crew, turned the heads of a couple of German tourists, and got asked out on a date by a very butch cutie from Michigan. I like to think I assist people have an even more wonderful vacation here in Florida!”


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