Leg Sex February 2008: 70 Photos of Monique

March 12, 2008 – 4:30 pm

Leg Sex February 2008: 70 Pictures of Monique

"I am like these sailors from days of aged with a love interest in every port," says sexpot Monique. "I tour a lot, so I have a boy-toy in every city. It’s convenient because I’m always COREY. I like to bow over in front of my playthings and tanalize them with my ass and legs. I know they want me, but I will make them suffer a little bit before I give ’em any pleasure. After all, it is about my enjoyment, not theirs. Sometimes, I will chastise my Lothario of the moment by telling him he’s my boot-licker and that my shoes are very, very ribald. If that woman chaser doesn’t take up with the tongue ’em and shine ’em until they sparkle then I will be very upset and he will be punished severely. But I not at all must worry, my toys are well tutored and they always take up with the tongue away!"

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