Leg Sex February 2007 – 60 images of Louise

March 28, 2007 – 10:25 pm

“I’m not a dancer, but I’ve been said I have dancer’s legs,” says sultry Londoner Louise. “I know my legs are my ultimate feature, and I take very priceless care of ’em. I shave them each other day myself-I’d not at all trust anyone else to do that! And I slather ’em with lotion every morning after my baths and every evening previous to bed. In fact, my little evening ritual is so sexual, I often must masturbate right after I finish off fondelling the ball batter unfathomable into my skin. My legs feel so smooth and smell so wonderful, can I assist it if my hands wander to points further north? When my hands detect my special pleasure spot, it never takes me lengthy to have a sweet climax.”

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