Leg Sex December 2006 – 70 images of Laylee

January 17, 2007 – 9:54 pm

“I have a partiality for a gang bang,” says lithe Layley in a matter-of-fact tone. “But merely when all the members of the group are concentrating on me! I must be the center of attention. I receive to have them all licking my body. My almost any carnal experience was with three men–and me. 2 of the bucks were bi raunchy, and one told that man was str8, but once they got to working on me, I was so wrapped up in the pleasure they were giving me, I could not tell–nor did I care–who was stroking, mouthing or banging which pecker. As long as all of my needs are met, I’m indifferent to everything else that’s going on around me. Do u wanna wank on my feet? Just as long as you take care of all of my needs, I do not indeed care what u do.”

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