Leg Sex December 2006 – 60 images of Veronika

January 31, 2007 – 6:37 pm

“I like sex but I like making fellows do what I urge more. And I like getting presents bigger quantity, too. So, previous to u take your cock out of your pants, take out your wallet. My shopping sprees aren’t cheap, and if u insist on getting your man cock juice all over my panties and socks all the time, you are intend to acquire to replace them. No, I don’t care if you keep them once you’ve soiled ’em. I know you are just dying to go home and smell my wet crack and feet on the cotton, then jerk off all over one more time. Truly, I could care less. As long as you make me happy-and that is supposed to mean fetching, carrying and paying for me-then you can do whateva. As long as you don’t a predicament me at practice, that is.”

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