Leg Sex December 2006 – 31 images of Claire & Janet

December 21, 2006 – 3:27 pm

Leg Sex was born in 1997, and in the August issue of that year, we caught the Sapphic antics of long-limbed Clair and Janet, two European models who were in South Beach, Florida, to discharge a music movie scene. The couple hadn’t met before their skillful booking, but to hear them tell, it was craving at 1st sight. For a whilst, they were the toast of Miami, hitting clubs and enticing everyone as they wrapped their lengthy legs around each other on the dance floor. But they saved the real show for their private times. “I love to toe-fuck Janet,” blonde Clair discloses. “I rub my baby-soft toes against her clit and bring her to wild orgasm after orgasm. Of course, this babe returns the favor-sometimes, we make love all night long!”

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