LEG SEX August 2007: 65 Photos of Austin

August 8, 2007 – 4:30 pm

LEG SEX August 2007: 65 Pictures of Austin

“I like to smoke,” says statuesque blonde Austin. “And u like to choke the chicken. I think we can work jointly on this. Watch all the holes in my tights? They’re not there by accident. They’re meant to be there. Why do u think that’s? For sex, you dolt. If I liked you enough, I’d let u stick your wang in the holes. But I don’t like you that much. But I will do this with u. I’ll blow smoke on your puny shlong while you DALE it in front of me. And when I take ’em off, you can cum on my hose after I toss ’em on the floor.”

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