Leg Sex April 2007 – 70 images of Cherrie

May 2, 2007 – 10:55 pm

Cherrie Rose doesn’t play a maid in her movie scene, Latin Legs. But she wanted to pose as one for Leg Sex magazine. “The Latina maid is such a stereotype, I wanted to screw with it,” she tells us. “If I was a maid, I would be in charge! I’d have the guys wanting to copulate me at the drop of a mop. The minute the woman of the house left, her partner, her sons, all the boys would be at my feet, mouthing my toes, tongueing my cunt, begging to stick their knobs in my throat, cookie and gazoo. And after they’d done all my work for me, I’d have ’em line up. After each one of ’em gave me an large O with their tongues, I’d let ’em cum.”

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