Leg Sex April 2007 – 66 images of Alexsandra

April 4, 2007 – 10:41 pm

We do not know much about the wickedly enjoyable Alexsandra. We do know some of her vital statistics, height, shoe size, etc. We do know she was brought to our attention by the matchless Ingela, the leg model/icon turned fabulous photographer of fetish superstars. But an Internet try to find yields nothing about this sensuous dish. So, we’ve just had to fill in the blanks about this international woman of mystery ourselves. As far as we are concerned (in our fetid imaginings, that is), Alexsandra was orphaned in some dunky, Iron Curtain country after the fall of Communism. She was raised in an international orphanage for spies–but went bad early on. The hotty was uncontrollable–and the woman even greater quantity so.

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