Jordan Kingsley – Dominant Divas

October 22, 2014 – 4:20 am

Masterful Divas

Dominant Divas

Jordan likes obedience and that babe loves to bring guys joy with her gams. That’s why in this game of enjoyment, she calls all the shots. Donning her sexiest female-dominant attire, Jordan seizes matters in her own hands and takes her woman chaser to heel. When her idle hubby plops down on the sofa for one more lengthy night of T.V. watching, she lays down the law. This babe punishes him by making him take up with the tongue her shoes and feet and then orders him to taste her core. Sometimes, in command to receive a ladies man to worship you and appease your hunger for gratification, u need to be stern with him. Judging by the size of his goo, it appears to be Jordan’s partner has learned his lesson.

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