Jessica Jammer’s Feet Get a Slammer

September 17, 2007 – 11:00 pm

>When the studio said me I was doing a foot scene with Jessica, I was beautiful lascivious. I had worked with her before and I remember furthermore all the other great body parts on this blond that this babe too had some tasty toes. And the second I went onto the set, I started sucking on those freshly pedicured toostsies. My ding-dong was vertical from the get go. Jessica just leaned over and licked and sucked my thick shaft right down to my balls. As if I wasn’t ready sufficient to group action her, Jessica wrapped her feet around my knob and gave me an magnificant foot job. Her hairless vagina was just staring me in the face so once I started screwing Jessica, things went from sexy to on fire. She was all over my shlong as I rogered her every way I could think of and even a scarcely any ways she thought of. Jessica was just slamming her ass down rock hard on my things as her vagina slid up and down backward cowgirl style when I was about to blow. That babe opened up her face hole wide and I unleashed a sticky cum. I hope they Jessica comes back pretty soon coz I’ll be ready for her.

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