Hose Beast: 68 Photos of Catalina

October 11, 2007 – 4:30 pm

Hose Beast: 68 Pictures of Catalina

“I really love to play dress-up and wear frilly and lacy things because it makes me feel feminine and fashionable. Do you like my crimson nylons with these seams that run up my legs? I suppose you do. Do you wanna touch ’em? I know you do. You can, if it pleases you, but you’re not allowed to touch yourself. Do not even think about disobeying me. I’m very enchanting, but if u are disobedient, I will wrap my hips around your head and squeeze you as torture. But u crave that to happen, do not u? U filthy, little pig! Receive on you knees and hands and expect your punishment!”

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