Hose Beast: 55 Photos of Sara Siren

February 14, 2008 – 4:30 pm

Hose Beast: 55 Pictures of Sara Siren

“Don’t tell anyone, but I like it when bucks play with my feet. I know it
seems like an unusual turn-on, but nothing receives me sexy and willing, faster.
The tingling sensation of fingertips brushing over the majority sensitive
parts of my soles and toes makes me groan in ecstasy. A scarcely any light strokes
to my arches and I can feel the folds of my twat become soaked and my
clit starts to throb. A quick flicker of a tongue and the warm pressure
of a buck sucking on my toes, and I clench and cum. They say the way to a
man’s heart is through his abdomen. Well, the way to my heart is through
my feet.”

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