Helen Tells Her Toes’ Tale

September 10, 2009 – 9:30 am

Helen Tells Her Toes' Tale

“I once dated a chap who was into tossing off with my socks. Sure, boys will TODD off with socks so it’s simple cleanup, but this boy wasn’t just being tidy. This chab would ask me to save all my ribald socks that I would worn to the Health Strip club or oozing for him. I would bring him like 10 pairs and this guy would take his time sniffing them and inhaling the perspired stench. I could watch that he loved it because his shlong would acquire hard in seconds. Then, while I observed, that dude would unzip his trousers, pull his wang out and slide my obscene sock over his shlong and kick off jacking off. Sometimes this chab would ask me to parade around in my heels while he did it. Sometimes he would supplicate me to cram the stiletto heel of those shoes into his nutsac right when he was about to cum. I not at all thought it was atypical…just sort of different. I actually would really enjoyed our little VICTOR rituals.”

Helen Tells Her Toes' Tale

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