Heel Boy: 80 Photos of Dede Lopez

December 25, 2007 – 4:30 pm

Heel Boy: 80 Pictures of Dede Lopez

“Do u like my furry boots? They keep my fashionable legs nice and toasty, but don’t be fooled…my heart is made of ice. That means I’ve no use for u other than to be my carnal bondman. Have u been a nice boy this year, or have u been a nasty pig? I think you’ve been a little of both so I have decided to castigate u first and then, perhaps, I’ll give you a little reward. I want u to get admirable and rock hard. Touch your jock right now you indecent beast! Worthy. That feels worthy doesn’t it? Now I want u to sit on your hands and look at me. You cannot touch your dong some other time. If u do, I will come over there and trample it. This is about my gratification, not yours. See as I pose and prance and then rip the gusset with out my tights and plunder and ravish my tight snatch with this astronomical plastic penis. I must bonk myself with this sextoy ‘coz obviously u can not satisfy me the way I’ve to be satisfied. If u
follow all my instructions, then once I’m done soaking these used pantyhose with my musky juices, I’m intend to come over there and poke them in your mouth and let you keep them. Isn’t that good of me? That’s right, it’s. Perky Christmas you sniveling little boy.”

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