Heel Boy: 70 Photos of Angelina Korrs

January 11, 2008 – 4:30 pm

Heel Boy: 70 Pictures of Angelina Korrs

“I’m new to the leg game. My spouse not lengthy ago confessed to me that he has a thing of my legs and how he wanted me to trample his dong. At first, I was embarrassed about the fetish, but I went along with it to appease him. But when I was smashing his face into the rug with my foot and smacking his cock with my soles, I felt so in control and that made me greater amount excited than I have ever been. I am gonna let him poke his knob in betwixt my hips tonight, so that dude can literally screw my legs. I cant wait. Discovering my affinity for leg play has really opened me up to be sexually adventurous.”

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