Heel Boy: 45 Photos of Calisyn Heart

January 25, 2008 – 4:30 pm

Heel Boy: Fourty five Pix of Calisyn Heart

I just got these charming silver shoes. Do you like them? When I was in the store, there was this impressive lady trying on this very pair and I was mesmerized by her pretty feet and long legs. So, when this babe didn’t take them, I walked over and picked them up. Turns out we were the same size. I will admit that when no one was looking, before I even tried them on, I sniffed these shoes. I could smell her musky foot smell still in ’em, and that, combined with the smell of leather, nearly made me swoon. There’s smth so pungent and sexual about the smell of feet that makes me wanna touch myself right away. I bought them and brought them home with me, and the minute I was alone with ’em, I masturbated with the heel of one shoe while I smelled the other one. The whole time I thought about that statuesque female-dominant who passed on these shoes and whose feet smelled like heaven, and I came right away.

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