He Spilled A Drink On Her Shoes

September 19, 2008 – 5:30 pm

He Spilled A Drink On Her Shoes

Losers hit on Hotty all the time at her local bar. She is used to it,
and frankly, that babe is over it. That babe promises herself that if she hears one more lame pick-up line, that babe is intend to freak out. But what this babe
doesn’t know is that one gutsy, obnoxious gent is plan to ignite the
raunchiest parts of her sexuality by spilling a swallow on her new shoes
and then putting her foot in his throat. That babe didn’t think she would be
fucking him in the ladies room of this peculiar bar, but that’s
exactly where they end up, having wild sex in a public place.

He Spilled A Swallow On Her Shoes

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