Freaky Rachel Makes a Fruit Salad with Her Feet!

August 12, 2007 – 11:00 pm

>I at not time saw a honey make a fruit salad with her hawt toes previous to, but Rachel sure was giving it a shot. I knew I was plan to must engulf these toes in a not many minutes and just watching her squish grapefruit and watermelon with her feet gave me a woody right away. When I made my way to the set, I squeezed some grapefruit juice on her toes and started to suck it off. I thought Rachel was gonna cum right there. This honey bunny had a serious foot fetish and I sure didn’t mind getting a chance to play with ’em cuz they sure were sexy, especially with her recent glittery pink pedicure. My hawt clothes went flying off and Rachel wrapped her feet around my inflexible shlong and began to CECIL off it. Now I’ve had foot jobs previous to but this honey bunny knew how to work it wonderful. I had all I could do to not cum but I held it lengthy sufficient to get her on top for a ride. Rachel sucked the juices clean off my rod and I busted that shaved pussy some larger quantity until I could not hold out and shot a creamy load all over her feet. That babe might wanna add that to her fruit salad also. Receive over here to Upload the Full Movie This day!

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