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Mistress of Your Cock

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Lady of Your Cock

Mistress of Your Cock

No petticoat chaser could resist a woman as gracious as Ivana. That babe is the type of girl who could have anyone she wants–including you, you dirty foot perv. This babe knows your type. She sees you staring at her built thighs and beautiful feet, and this babe can’t live without it. That’s why whenever she finds herself a foot stud, she does anything in her vigour to tempt him and drive him crazy. In those pics, this babe reveals u exactly how this babe handles her avid, little ped slaves. First that babe parades around in heels and a petite skirt, flexing her quads with every step. Then she’ll make you engulf her toes. If u do a admirable job, then you get the fun of banging her exactly how that babe tells u to.

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Sweet Punishment

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Enjoyable Torment

Sweet Punishment

Gianna Rossi knows her place, and that’s on top. Although that is not to say that babe doesn’t relish a little challenge. Sometimes it is enjoyment to put guys who talk back in their place. That is when this babe receives to step on their face with her Cuban heel-clad foot. No thing gives her more enjoyment than forcefully pushing her feet into a misbehaving boy’s mouth. If u give her any lip, she’ll yoke you by the tie and tell you to take up with the tongue her feet from bottom to top and then, just when you’re unnerved by her dominance and forcefulness, she will shag u within an inch of your life and order u to cum on her feet. Yep, Ms. Rossi is actually dangerous and exciting, but there is nothing not right with that.

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Panty Pudding

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Knicker Pudding

Panty Pudding

“When I am with a guy, I wanna be drilled on each surface in my abode. I desire to try as many perverted poses as possible. And I urge to be ravished. I know that almost all hotties urge sensitiveness and all that fluff. Not me. I desire a guy to take charge and use my body for all his raunchy joy. But I likewise urge to be in control, sometimes. If a skirt chaser can treat me love a indecent, sex-crazed slut, and make me cum, then I will return the favor. I’ll let him wear my hose and then shag him for all this chab is worth!”

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You Asked For This

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

U Asked For This

You Asked For This

Kiki Marie has a collection of males that keep her in impressive dresses, expensive stockings and her favourite, marvelous shoes. In return, that babe helps them live out their dreams. This paramour wanted to be blindfolded and enticed, and Kiki was more than pleased to oblige. You see, Kiki adores her lovers’ tribute being splattered all over her pantyhosed peds. Feeling the warm gush through the good mesh makes her feel adorable and deviant and lets her know that she’s being appreciated.

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Strip Club Leg Vixen

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Strip club Leg Hottie

Strip Strip club Leg Vixen

Captivating and lascivious Max Mikita is a dancer at an upscale lap dancing club that caters to fellows with special tastes. That babe dances for guys who adore feet. That babe understands their needs. That’s why she keeps her peds perfectly pedicured and her cookie overspread in a full bush, ‘cuz that babe knows that they adore to bury their cocks in between her fur-covered lips. That babe always had dreams of being banged onstage, so when this gentleman books her private room, this babe takes the opportunity to engulf his turgid meat-thermometer in her mouth and entreats him to slide it in her gazoo. Check out her acquire pummeled in her tight, little anal opening and then have her feet coated in this patron’s gooey tribute.

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Tiptoe Threesome

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Tiptoe Threesome

Tiptoe Threesome

“I adore to touch sweethearts and make them writhe and moan in ecstasy with my hawt face hole and the ministrations of my nimble fingers,” says shapely Romanian stunner Sandra. “Seeing Katerina for the first time, I was overtaken by her stunner and I wanted to ravish her. Then that babe contorted into this almost-impossible position on the set right before we did our 3some scene for Leg Sex Pinups and I got so randy that I creamed my briefs,” this babe reveals. “Sandra is a very gracious lady and her legs are so firm and strong, so I was very attracted to her when I 1st saw her,” says contortionist queen, Katerina Kat. “I was drawn to her full lips and wondered what it would feel adore to have ’em wrapped around my toes or laving my soaked cunt until I came in her mouth. I sitting in a chair next to her and contorted, putting my legs behind my head and bringing my snatch right up to her eye level. I saw her touching with tongue her lips and knew she wanted me, also.”

“Being with a female and a man at the same time is the most erotic experience u can have,” says Sandra with a smile. “When your face is buried in a enchanting slit and u have a shlong buried in your booty, it is the best of the one and the other worlds. All of your senses are gratified. U have smth gracious to touch, taste, smell and watch. And hearing her cries of passion are not quite as precious as having an climax yourself.”

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Hose Beast

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

Pantyhose Animal

Hose Beast

Do u know where u are? You’re in the jungle, baby, and Natalia Jay is here to make sure you’ve the proper training to survive. Ms. Jay urges u to drop down and give her 20…strokes of your jock, naturally. Then this babe wants u to do Twenty jumping jacks, nude, so this babe can observe your manhood bounce up and down. She loves it when you are vulnerable. Now crawl throughout the mud to her legs, and kiss her shoes. That’s right, maggots, she’s in charge!

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Sandy Will Turn You On And Punish You

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Sandy Will Turn You On And Castigate You

Sandy Will Turn You On And Chastise You

Sandy likes to set the mood with candles and put on a little flaunt for you. That babe makes a humongous fuss with her garters and Cuban-heeled stockings before peeling them off so she can sniff them. But u more excellent behave ‘cuz just as quickly as she’s kind, Sandy will turn on you and castigate you adore the little dog you’re. There’s nothing worse than a woman chaser who doesn’t pay attention, so you’d more magnificant be on your toes with Sandy, or she will shove her toes into your crotch and trample u for all u are worth!

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Rub Down

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Rub Down

Rub Down

“I know u wanna check out me engulf and bonk my feet, you dirty, bawdy boy!” says Cadence whilst caressing lotion all over her legs. “There is no thing I love more than when my slaves sit and observe me touch and lave my feet with my tongue. You love that, do not you? If u sit perfectly still, then maybe I will allow you to rub your rock hard, little pecker on my feet for a hardly any minutes. But don’t you dare say a word! If you do, I’ll taste your face with my feet and power my foot in your throat, u disgusting, little pervert!”

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