Be A Good Boy And Don’t Play With Your Toy

December 12, 2008 – 8:30 am

Be A Good Lad And Do not Play With Your Toy

“My name is Candi and I will make u feel dandy, but solely if you behave and do as I say. 1st, I wish u to whip out your meat-thermometer and toss off it. A female can’t live without to watch what you have brought her as a gift, right? Cuz you and I both know that your meat-thermometer is mine. Next, sit on your hands. I don’t wanna risk u touching your twitching dick whilst I put on my expose. Now, when I ask you if you like watching me tear those hose with my shoes you will nod and say, “Yes, Candi. I love u, Candi.” That’s how u address me. You won’t ask me for larger quantity than I’m willing to give and I will not give you bigger amount than I urge. When I am done gratifying myself and soaking these tattered tights, your reward for being a admirable and silent audience is stroking your penis in the corner with my hose. Ok? And I will even let u keep them so you can bunch ’em up and use them as a pillow when I allow you to sleep on the floor by my bed.”

Be A Valuable Lad And Do not Play With Your Toy

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