Bared Soles — Lady Boy

July 5, 2007 – 4:30 pm

Bared Soles — Lady Chap

During high-school I lived in a coed dorm. In the basement of the dorm was the laundry for all to use. It was my freshman year and I didn’t know anyone. I have always
been a bit of a loner. In the basement of the dorm was also a rec area to observe TV or study during the time that doing washing. My favourite activity was to go to the washing with a washing basket. I would have a slight in number towels in the basket. My real reason to go to the laundry was to await for some hawt coed to come down with her obscene hot raiment. Mmmmmm! Hawt, worn hose! Panties that who knows what’s been in ’em! Ahhh, many treasures to mine!


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