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Isabella de la Cruz – Really Loves Her Shoes

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

Truly Likes Her Shoes

Really Loves Her Shoes

Isabella loves her shoes…literally. Observe as this curvaceous Latin babe gives you a shoe show, trying on all her shoes for your fun. And for her joy, certainly. The more shoes this babe tries on, the more aroused this thick-legged fascinating becomes. So aroused, in fact, that that babe has to use the heel of her beloved pair to rub her engorged like button. Sounds delightsome? Not as glamorous as it looks, so check it out.

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Isabella de la Cruz – Lick Her Through Her Hose

Monday, November 16th, 2015

Lick Her Through Her Pantyhose

 Lick Her Through Her Hose

“I love my legs,” says spicy Lalin girl, Isabella. “Sometimes I’ve fantasies about plenty of guys rubbing my legs at once. Some of ’em are licking with tongue my toes and some of ’em are biting my legs, but all of them are on their knees and worshiping me. One of them even eats me out, but through some pantyhose. I adore the idea of tights ‘cuz I feel nude, but I’m still covered up. Love they cant receive all of me throughout that barrier. It’s very raunchy.”

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Krista Kaslo – Hunger For Passion

Monday, November 9th, 2015

Hunger For Excitement

Hunger For Passion

“I am a girl with a voracious hunger for passion and gratification. Coz I’m sexually aggressive, I’m adore a tigress, stalking my prey so I can make him my next meal. That means that I don’t sit around and await for the woman chaser I wanna come to me. That means that I put on my shortest petticoat and my high reaching stilettos and I go hunting for him. The priceless thing about the company that I work for is that they have a warehouse full of strong, virile fellows who I can seduce and have sex with all day! This time around, I tempted one of the crew I’ve been watching for weeks. I was sent into the warehouse to look over some of his work and it was the ideal opportunity to pounce. I gave him a worthwhile view my lengthy, in nature’s garb legs and then I bared my fashionable mounds, and when this smooth operator fell for my wiles, I devoured him on the spot.”

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Brandon Jes – Seduction Show

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Seduction Brandish

Seduction Show

Even the toughest, dominant diva can not do it all on her own. Not without using a hot pair of cock-stomping high heels. That’s why brunette gal Brandon tries on several pairs of pumps and stilettos in advance of this babe walks all over her sub lover with her nylon-covered feet and her pointy heels. This siren likes to give him a flaunt. This babe may be giving him pleasure by letting him watch her strut and by stamping her piggies by his face, but Brandon too receives a unfathomable sense of satisfaction knowing that she’s the solely headmistress who can put this heel petticoat chaser in his place. The thought of owning his cock with her dominance receives her concupiscent and one time she can feel her vagina dripping, she is ready for him to serve her with his face hole. This babe shoves her toes inside his awaiting oral stimulation cavity and orders him to engulf her off love a nice, little slave.

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