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Jade Knight – Queen of Hearts

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

“I do not normally tempt men, but ever since I discovered my like of nylons and frilly underware I feel so empowered that I discover myself seducing fellows left and right. I love to invite them over for tea or some drinks and then come out in my sexy outfits and parade around for them, flashing ’em some fur pie or even my whoppers. Some of ’em take the hint when I initiate touching my feet and stripping off my nylons and they engulf my toes or slap their knobs on my soles. But my favourite is when they let me wrap my nylons around their cocks and jerk them off until they cum all over me. It’s so hawt to make a gent cum using merely your hand and some wispy, naughty material.

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Jordan Kingsley – Dominant Divas

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Masterful Divas

Dominant Divas

Jordan likes obedience and that babe loves to bring guys joy with her gams. That’s why in this game of enjoyment, she calls all the shots. Donning her sexiest female-dominant attire, Jordan seizes matters in her own hands and takes her woman chaser to heel. When her idle hubby plops down on the sofa for one more lengthy night of T.V. watching, she lays down the law. This babe punishes him by making him take up with the tongue her shoes and feet and then orders him to taste her core. Sometimes, in command to receive a ladies man to worship you and appease your hunger for gratification, u need to be stern with him. Judging by the size of his goo, it appears to be Jordan’s partner has learned his lesson.

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Jordan Kingsley – A Lesson In Respect And Worship

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

A Lesson In Respect And Worship

A Lesson In Respect And Worship

Sometimes, in instruct to acquire a smooth operator to worship you and appease your hunger for gratification, a dominant-bitch need to take matters into her own hands and take a man to heel. When Jordan’s lazy hubby plops down on the bed for some other lengthy night of T.V. watching, she gives a decision that she has had enough. That babe dons her sexiest bitch beauty attire and teaches him a lesson in respect and worship.

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Katja Kassin – Seedy Motel Sex

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Seedy Motel Sex

Seedy Motel Sex

Katja needs some attention so she puts on her lascivious red lipstick and calls a bondman to come service her. When he arrives, they play sexual foot and shoe games with her red heels whilst a TV set silently flickers white noise. She puts her lips and lipstick all over his penis, slurping on it loudly and getting it ready to penetrate her core. Then it is time for sex and they are one as well as the other frenzied with wish. Her lover thrusts his unbending rod inside her and she men wildly. Now her butt beckons. When that man presses his shaft into her constricted dark hole, Katja purrs with delight. At Motel Voyeur, people can be as freaky as they crave to be without censure or limits. It’s a place that Katja can call home.

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Katja Kassin – Sex With A Stranger

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Sex With A Stranger

Sex With A Stranger

When Katja books a room for her stay at the Motel Voyeur, it’s coz that babe knows that her room comes with one amenity that others don’t: It’s a safe haven for her most-erotic dream. You watch, Katja has always dreamt of having leg sex in a seedy motel with a stranger. She knows that this motel is just the place to fulfill her deepest urges. She checks in and acquires in nature’s garb. The passion of having a sordid affair is too much; Katja is pretty soon masturbating and painting her upright nipples with red lipstick.

One time this babe becomes crazed with lust and urge, Katja picks up the phone and begins dialing strangers’ numbers hoping that one of them will come and satiate her get to cum. When Jarrod hears her moans of fun on the line, this chab cannot resist her. This chab comes to her room and Katja gives herself to him, letting him worship her toes, soles and pussy previous to whispering that she needs his pecker to stretch her anal opening wide so she can cum.

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Lynn Love – Sole Slut

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Sole Wench

Sole Slut

“Sometimes I guess that my feet need to be connected to my bawdy cleft,” said gymnast Lynn, giggling. “I know it sounds mad, but the minute a lady-killer tickles or plays with my feet, I go batty! I’ve to begin fondelling my feet on him during the time that I rub my teats because I acquire so concupiscent. I love it when a skirt chaser sucks on my toes, also. His tongue in betwixt my little piggies is like his tongue right on my adore button. It makes my pussy leak. Not tons of boys are into feet love I’m, but when I identify one who wants to touch and suck them like I like, I will let him do whatsoever this skirt chaser craves to me. That man can copulate my feet and my bawdy cleft. Sometimes I receive so turned on that I ask him to fuck my ass. I don’t care what anyone thinks about it, either. As long as he and I feel admirable, that is all that matters.”

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Lynn Love – Dressing The Part

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Dressing The Part

Dressing The Part

“I adore being nasty because there’s always someone who can come over and make me feel fine,” says Lynn, a fresh-out-of-high-school gymnast. “Today I was trying on a bunch of different outfits for a party I am plan to where all the gals dress love tramps and all the lads dress love pimps. I asked my brother’s friend if I looked adore a tramp and that buck told me that I looked palatable. I offered him a taste of my toes and this dude was all over me in a second. This man sucked my toes and made me feel so fine that soon he was wedging his finger and then his large weenie in my anal opening. And it felt likewise priceless to ask him to prevent. I love it when I acquire drilled in the butt. I think even when I don’t costume the part, I am a total tramp. And u know what? I love it. That’s why when he came all over my feet. I told my brother’s ally to look at as I sucked ’em clean.”

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Gia Giancarlo – Do You Like What You See?

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Do You Adore What U See?

Do You Love What U Watch?

There is nothing like a female-dominant in charge at the workplace. And Gia Giancarlo is a flawless candidate to be in charge because this cougar knows how to put a petticoat chaser in his place. She struts around in high heels and skirts, flexing her authoritative muscles and her calves in the faces of her subordinates. Why? ‘coz that babe knows they have to be kept in line. So when this babe spies J Mac checking out her feet and legs, she knows that it’s time to take this bad lad into her office for some disciplinary act.

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