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Gia Giancarlo – Lewd Librarian

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Slutty Librarian

Lewd Librarian

Gia Giancarlo is a ball-breaking, man-hating wench of a boss that presides over her business with an iron fist. Well, at least that is what her subordinates used to think. So they would call her the Ice Queen and whisper behind her back. They all cowered in her presence and no one dared to question her authority. That’s, until the day that babe caught the new mail clerk staring at her legs. “What the copulate are you doing?” that babe screamed at him. “Get back to work!” But that babe could tell that her authority did not impress him and it shook her reserve, exciting her. Her vagina became luscious. No one had ever dared to defy her and the idea of this underling having power over her was turning her on. She began to wear shorter skirts to the office and bright-colored shoes to draw his eye to her peds and her hips. It worked and this babe could sense when this chab was staring at her. It made her twat throb that this chab didn’t watch her authority as smth to fear. She would drop things in front of him and command him to pick them up so that his eyes could be level with her piggies, but that dude would ignore her. She would tell him to work overtime and this chab wouldn’t. So one day, this babe called him into her office for some disciplinary act. The minute the door to her office was shut that dude was all over her. He tore her hot clothes off and ravished her, sucking her toes and ripping off her panties to thrust his turgid cock inside her cum-hole. That babe was wild, crying out for more and more. When this chab coated her peds with his spunk that dude said, “Tomorrow, do not wear thongs.” And this babe obeyed him.

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Adriana Deville – Bare-Legged Bad Girl

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Bare-Legged Bad Gal

Bare-Legged Bad Girl

“Do you mind if I engulf my toes, baby?” says minx, Adriana Deville. “It’s a turn-on for me to engulf my own feet and spank my soles. And when I know that u are watching, it makes me nice and juicy. I love to fantasize about u touching my calves and touching with tongue my legs from my ankles to my hips. It gets me so worked up that I get to slap my pussy and flick my love button. And when I cum, it’s cuz I’m imagining your bigger than average pecker between my feet.”

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Madison Claire – A Real Shoe Slut

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

A Real Shoe Whore

A Real Shoe Slut

“I adore the feeling of fondelling lotion on my legs, but I wish I didn’t must do it all by myself,” says Madison as this babe creams her long limbs for you to watch. “I think my toenails need a touch-up, likewise. I execrate having to do this for myself. I want I had a buck do it for me. I am so lonely and I crave anybody to take care of my feet. I think I will must engulf on my toes and man cream my own feet so I can acquire my pussy good and soaked for fingering. And then I can rub my toes all over my areolas. And cuz I do not have a unyielding knob to copulate, I’ll just must use the heel of my brand recent stiletto mules to plug my taut slit with. Do not you like watching me be a shoe wench?”

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Roxy Reynolds – Ebony Legs That Go For Miles

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Ebon Legs That Go For Miles

Ebony Legs That Go For Miles

“I desire your hands were on my legs,” says swarthy domme, Roxy. “And I urge u could view me engulf on this stiletto and my toes adore a cock! I know you adore to watch how I suck my toes and jack my fingers in the spaces in between. It makes me lustful, also. I love to get good and concupiscent and then rub my twat with my shoes and spank my clitoris with my soles until I cum for u. And don’t think that I would ever deny u coming all over the soles of my feet. I will spit all over my feet to acquire them precious and wet and then crinkle ’em up and acquire ’em ready to take your hawt load. It feels so worthy that my slit trickle thinking about it.”

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Samantha Starr – Sweatin’ Socks

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Sweatin’ Socks

Sweatin' Socks

Samantha abhors toiling in the hawt sun. That babe doesn’t wanna mow the lawn and trim the hedges. She would much rather explore her own secret garden. But solely if you watch, of course. She’ll offer you a whiff of her stinky shoes and sweat-drenched socks before this babe rubs ’em all over her luscious pussy. That babe doesn’t mind if the pungent, musky odor of her footwear gets all over her love tunnel. She knows u will not mind either. Let this frisky brunette hair turn this boring yard work into hawt, hard work…and by unbending, we mean this babe will make sure you sprout some serious wood.

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