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Bailey Brooks – Check In, Get Off

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Check In, Receive Off

Check In, Acquire Off

Perspired and feverish, one fellow lays prone on a motel sofa as some other gropes the stockinged looker in his lap. They check out the wanton heap on the daybed and laughingly offer that perhaps Bailey, the deviant dame in this scenario, should suck the poison from his body via his jock. She’s wanton about the idea. A chance for a seedy romp with two guys in a motel in the centre of nowhere. This is the stuff of her most-erotic fantasies. She crawls all over him while her other admirer caresses her shoes and licks her heels. What happens next is a sordid three-way filled with foot sucking and banging and 2 creamy loads of hawt cum all over Bailey’s feet. The almost any deviant things happen in aged motels… especially the Motel Voyeur.

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Bailey Brooks – Motel Voyeur

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Motel Voyeur

Motel Voyeur

When Bailey Brooks checked into the infamous Motel Voyeur that babe knew that it was the place to look at and be observed by the majority passionate of leg lovers and foot fuckers around. So it’s no mystery how she identified herself in a torrid three-way with these two misfits. In fact, when Bailey happened upon them, J-Mac was delusional with a fever and she sat back and viewed the sweat coat his body during the time that this babe smoked, resting for the task of curing his ailment by milking his turgid shlong all over her warm peds. Smth about having two bucks at once appealed to Bailey’s ego and must be worshipped at all times. This babe just now let the one and the other chaps jack off her sensitive soles with their hands and tongues so that that babe could become damp and ready to accept them into her core. Knowing that there were loads of tribute to come, that babe kept her seamed nylons on. This babe wanted them coated in cum so that that babe could smell ’em later and touch herself to the memory of the one and the other of her paramours roughly groping her ready body.

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Jayden Pierson – Let Me Help You With Your Shoes

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Let Me Assist You With Your Shoes

Let Me Aid U With Your Shoes

“It’s funny how opportunities arise when you least await them. I was hauling a bunch of my shoes out in a bag so I could donate ’em to a charity when the bag broke open and my shoes came tumbling out all over the sidewalk. But then, my neighbor stepped in to rescue me and helped me carry everything back inside. Curiously, he appeared to be actually interested in my shoes. And that’s when I knew that this chab was being more than just helpful…that excited pervert wanted to stick his penis in my shoes and my cunt. I let him come on to me. After all, I like it when studs play with the bottoms of my feet. They’re truly sensitive. And cum always makes ’em feel so downy and silky smooth. So you see, opportunity came knocking and I opened the door and my muff for it. You know what they say, out with the aged and in with the new pecker!”

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Jayden Pierson – Ped Pet

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Ped Pet

Ped Pet

“The second I saw my neighbour I knew this chab was a foot ladies man. This buck would always drool over my legs and compliment my shoes, especially when I wore heels. These kinds of comments might have gone over the head of any other goddess, but not me. ‘coz I just so happen to adore foot worship, so I decided to make the neighbour my little foot puppy. I baited him with a bigger in size than typical bag of shoes that I dropped on the floor, and this chab came oozing just love the little dog he’s. One thing led to some other and suddenly my toes were in his face hole. He was such an tractable and giving little ped paramour that I rewarded him with a foot job and the fun of my twat.”

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Bella Blue – Walk All Over You

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Walk All Over U

Walk All Over You

“I adore my dudes on the floor so that I can tower over ’em and slip and knead my consummate feet all over them. Although I do suggest ’em my services as a masseur and they relish the ministrations of my dexterous toes, it’s indeed all about the pleasure of having ’em moaning and sighing beneath me. My much loved part of massaging my paramours? Walking all over ’em with my stockinged peds, of course. The feeling that I get when I use them as my floor whilst I grind ’em into the ground is the unsurpassable aphrodisiac for me. I feel adore I am greater than life and that they are lowly and insignificant. I at no time hurt them, but I guess that being strolled all over is just a tad bit demeaning and that’s what makes it so worthwhile for me. I’m not averse to treating my guys just a little bit like dirt.”

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Bella Blue – Mounted & Massaging

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Mounted & Massaging

Mounted & Massaging

Bella Blue is the ultimate masseur. She comes clothed to the nines in red stilettos and nylons and belts. What this babe lacks in experience she makes up for in seduction. Observe as she slides her hands all over her customer’s body to work out all of his knots and then uses her feet to coax out all of his spunk.

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Candi Apple – A Lady Knows What She Wants

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

A Woman Knows What She Desires

A Domina Knows What She Wants

When it comes to joy, a female-dom always knows what she desires and what that babe needs to achieve her large O. For Candi, gratifying herself is no fun unless this babe can groan and talk ribald to her beloved paramour. He fancies her tights not quite as much as that fellow fancies her. So, when she’s lonely, she slides on a couple this gent has gifted her and masturbates in them. That babe lets him know all of her nasty thoughts and lets him hear as this babe bonks herself to a shuddering large O. Then that babe thank’s him by making sure this chab gets her cum-drenched hose as a gift.

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Candi Apple – Your Call Girl

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Your Call Beauty

Your Call Girl

“Being observed during the time that I masturbate excites me in ways u cant imagine,” says blonde bombshell, Candi. “I do a lot of hawt things so that my lover gets excited and notices to me. I’ll undress my hot garments off piece by piece. I indeed like to see him squirm in his chair and then try to conceal his giant hard-on. It is a game we play. I like to watch just how hot I can acquire him out of touching him. I have made him cum this way, too!” confessed Candi. “One of our newest sex games involves dialing a stranger’s number and then having naughty phone sex with him while my paramour watches me. It acquires me off and suddenly I’m gushing my vagina juices during the time that listening to a ideal stranger wack off for me. It is even more outstanding ‘coz I know how much it’s gripping my partner to hear me cum for one more charmer! I know how much my lover loves shoes, so sometimes I will slide one off and suck on the heel whilst this skirt chaser watches me rub my clitoris over and over and work myself into a frenzy. I adore to slap my pussy with the indecent sole of my shoe just as I’m about to cum, likewise. The sharp sting of the shoe hitting my tender and swollen vagina flesh makes me desirous. I’ve squirted cum all over my tights and had it leak down my wazoo crack before.”

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Mia Bella – Bathtub Foot Play

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Bathtub Foot Play

Bathtub Foot Play

“I have a foot fetish,” says Mia Bella, a siren who told us that this babe loves to go and watch open houses on the real estate market so that babe can masturbate in the rooms when no one is around. “I think it is perfectly average to wanna taste and touch a impressive couple of feet. But it’s disgusting if a lady does not care for her feet. I cannot be bothered to deal with feet that are dry, rough and calloused. That goes for the dudes in my life likewise. If u have disgusting feet, then I will have no thing to do with you. It’s not rock hard for a woman chaser to care for his feet. In fact, if that gent desires to be with me and worship me, then I require each week pedicures from him. Or, that buck can take me to get my feet done and during the time that we are there, he can have someone work on his feet, also. If that Lothario can not do that for me, then I of course cannot do anything for him and that fellow more nice believe that I will at no time, ever fun him one time more.”

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