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Mia Bella – Hosed and Soaked

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Hosed and Juicy

Hosed and Soaked

“I remember the first time that a lady-killer clutched my feet in a erotic way. I was painfully coy when I was younger and this chab was one of my first boyfriends and an maturer chap. I remember that we were at a fancy restaurant and I was wearing a hot pair of sandals with skimpy, jeweled thongs and very pointy heels. That fellow just leaned over and told me to put my foot on his knob. This ladies man told it so frankly and abruptly that I was caught off guard, but I was instantly turned on. I caressed on his dick until that guy came in his trousers. I rubbed my vagina at the same time.”

“That first experience with shoes and feet and sex would open up a whole fresh world to me. After that, I could not get sufficient leg sex. I have converted each woman chaser I have slept with into a foot boy. I can not stop giving foot jobs, and masturbating with my hose and nylons is a habitual thing for me. I like to rub my adore button with my used socks. I just adore the stink that solely smutty socks have. But I’ll admit that rogering myself with stiletto heels is my most-perverted indulgence.”

“Lately, I’ve been wearing my pantyhose a diminutive in number times until they are ripe sufficient that I can smell my slit when I open my legs. Then I call my favourite foot boy over and I await for him, spreadeagle, right in front of my front door. When he arrives, I instruct him to acquire on all fours and crawl to me. When that smooth operator does, I poke his face into my smelly gusset and hump it until I soak him throughout the fabric. Then I let him rip my pantyhose off and shag me stiff!”

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Leena Lane – Stockings Stuffed

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Stockings Stuffed

Stockings Stuffed

All wonderful gals receive their stockings rammed with goodies, and no one knows that more nice than Leena Lane. That babe brandishes u her handsome legs and spanks herself for wonderful measure. This babe prances and preens in her sheer and shiny tights in front of the fireplace, and then unwraps herself, so you can view her engulf her toes. It’s a very perky time with leggy Leena and this babe wants to make sure that when you see her, it’s not a lump of coal in your pocket that is causing the bulge in your pants.

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Isabella de la Cruz – High-Rise Heel Show

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

High-Rise Heel Expose

High-Rise Heel Show

Every once in a while we detect a messy goddess whose excitement for feet astounds even us. Meet Isabella De La Cruz, a spicy Latina who almost makes herself cum from foot rubs. We’re serious. Her employer pays her to pick up and clean his high-rise apartment, but slides her a lil’ somethin’ supplementary to glamour model pantyhose and shoes for him. That babe tanalizes him, talks indecent and puts on the dirtiest heel exposes we have ever watched. That babe struts her ram on the sun-drenched balcony, putting her light-caramel skin, toned haunches and pink heels on unveil. Then she slides off her shoes, massages greasy oil into her peds and uses her shiny, trickling toes to make a foot pussy–sliding her stilettos deep between her little piggies. Her voice trebles and groans as the bright coral-colored shoes glide in and with out the slippery crevice. She likes this just as much as you do.

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Jazella Moore – Gardener Loves Gams

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Gardener Can’t live with out Gams

Gardener Loves Gams

Jazella is a lonely housewife, but this babe isn’t desperate. That babe is just hungry for some passion. Whilst her husband is away on business, she makes do with working on her garden, and working on sluggishly seducing her new, youthful gardener. And it won’t be rock hard work to turn his head coz this chab desires her not quite as badly as this babe wants him. When Jazella twists her ankle, he is there to rescue her and treat her hurt foot with his hawt tribute.

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Jazella Moore – A Gardner’s Long Stems

Monday, March 10th, 2014

A Gardner’s Lengthy Stems

A Gardner's Lengthy Stems

Jazella likes to work up a sweat in her garden and that babe likes to make her fresh gardener sweat, likewise. That’s why on the days that this dude comes to work in her yard, she makes sure to wear her skimpiest shorts so that fellow can acquire worked up whilst that babe bows over and puts her nice-looking gams on unveil. But when Jazella loses her footing and sprains her ankle, the gardener–instead of tending to her flowers–hoses her feet.

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Erin Marxxx – Penetrate My Pantyhose!

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Permeate My Hose!

Penetrate My Hose!

Erin Marxxx likes to tie bucks up and blindfold them when this babe wants to be naughty. And with her long legs and thick thighs encased in these naked pantyhose, who could blame any Lothario for going along with her plans. Check out as she seduces her prey and then commands him to tear open her pantyhose, finger-fuck her and then smack her musky juices. Then that babe takes quite a load of tribute on her tootsies and plays with the cum until it’s seeping throughout the cracks of her toes. Very wicked, but oh, so captivating.

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Erin Marxxx – One on One Seduction

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

One on One Seduction

One on One Seduction

“I live for pleasure,” says Erin Marxxx. “It is what motivates me and consumes all of my thoughts. So when I’m sexually excited, I like to be with a gent who will be consumed by his lust as well. Anybody who will let me blindfold him and rub my nylon-covered toes all over his body. Anybody who will tear open my gusset just to slide his fingers in my fur pie. And anybody who I can tell to bonk my feet and then cum all over ’em when I need my peds coated. Are u that somebody? I am always looking….”

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