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Miranda Kelly – Tutored!

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013



They say that still waters run unfathomable, and that is definitely the case with brunette hair dish, Miranda Kelly. She’s a coach who likes instruct, compliance and 100% attention from her students. But this knucklehead just will not settle down and learn the information that babe has to impart. So, at her wit’s end, that babe takes notice that this chab pays the most attention when her legs and feet are in his vicinity. Well, this tutor has the heart of a tart, and this babe proves it by ripping off her prim outfit to disclose her racy underware beneath. This babe puts this meat-thermometer in a leg-lock and teaches him a thing or 2 about obedience.

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Zoey Paige – Hot Pink Minx

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Hot Pink Minx

Hot Pink Minx

Zoey’s collision her partner for lunch and that babe is got a little surprise for him. That chap is been asking her for weeks to wear smth kind of nasty for him. She is more of a t-shirt and jeans angel, but that babe thought it’d be joy to surprise him in a constricted dress, black pumps, nylons and garters. “I’ve seen the way this chab stares at gals in underware adverts, so I knew he’d love me in this.”

Favourable for us, Zoey wanted to do a little test run of her outfit. “Do u boyz think I look hot enough? I have always wanted to suit a little more wicked and just wearing those nylons make me truly amorous. My belts are beautiful moist now that I’ve been thinking about rogering in this outfit.”

We whole-heartedly acquiesce, Zoey. Who would not think this babe looks anything less than banging charming? You can watch her well-pedicured toes throughout these silky, dark nylons. And she’s got legs that go on for days. Perfectly merry bouncy bosoms and a sweet looking love tunnel to match. Yeah, Zoey’s hot as hell. The more she showed us, the more glamourous she got at teasing us. “I cant await untill my charmer acquires here. I’m plan to start off giving him a lapdance and then I’ll engulf his 10-Pounder until this smooth operator is dying to bonk me. I know it is plan to be mad valuable sex cuz I’m so turned on I am willing to do everything to please him now.”

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Ava Addams – Clean Toes

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Clean Toes

Clean Toes

“I like to wash my feet ‘cuz feeling the water cascading down my legs and over my exposed soles makes me very damp somewhere else,” says spitfire Ava with a smirk. “Because I am merely 5’4″, I wear heels all day to make me taller, and at the end of the day my feet smell really musty and sour. Most of the time, I have anybody wash my feet for me and rub them with exotic oils, but sometimes I love to do it myself. Who else but me would know exactly how to squeeze and rub-down my feet? I like to acquire ’em really soapy and rake my nails along my sole. That usually makes me very lustful and then I’ll masturbate right there and then, using the soap and warm water as lubrication for my engorged clit.”

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Raven LeChance – Obey The Mistress

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Obey The Female

Obey The Mistress

Raven gets off on telling pathetic little men what to do. That babe knows some boys deserve it, and wish it. Levi’s one of those boyz. His day job is stressful, an accounts chap who’s constantly having to order order and impress others. At the end of the day, that lady-killer doesn’t urge some other compliant angel in his lap. This gent is looking for a fierce woman to make him obey her every command. Raven’s the one for the job, commanding him to lick her twat clean, engulfing him off just enough to entice him and then jumping on his ramrod for a wild ride. So why does this babe do it? “At first, it was just amusing, actually. When I was younger, I was definitely more of a resigned type. But I realized I was not getting the kind of sex I liked from dudes that way, so I started becoming more assured. Then I began wearing those wild domme outfits and I enjoyed the response. Just kinda snowballed from there.”
Now Miss Raven can’t get enough of the leg and ped worship she acquires from those guys. “I receive a kick with out making them lick my impure boots and feet, watching them grovel on their knees. Making ’em entreat for my fur pie is the almost all astounding. I’ve made grown dudes whimper as I step on their balls while they implore me for a smack. I love watching ’em squirm, but it is all in worthwhile enjoyment.”

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Angelina Castro – Teaching the Carpet Cleaner a Lesson

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Teaching the Carpet Cleaner a Lesson

Teaching the Carpet Cleaner a Lesson

Angelina Castro has a smutty rug. Not like that! It’s an antique that babe inherited from her grandmother, and now it is time for it to be professionally cleaned. Her allies all told her there was merely one man for the job. “As lengthy as this buck doesn’t acquire my rug even dirtier,” this babe thinks, “it’ll be more valuable than I could do.” When this dude arrives that babe gives him the instructions, but can not shake the feeling that when she looks away he’s staring at her bigger in size than average, heaving whoppers, her pliant a-hole and her curvacious legs. “Oh well,” this babe thinks while sauntering off, “just another pervert.”

Ten minutes or so have passed and Angelina doesn’t hear any noise coming from the room. “I’m not paying if this slothful bastard isn’t working,” she thinks. When that babe opens the door that babe is in for a greater than average surprise. This butthole is wearing a couple of her much loved pantyhose! Her cheeks acquire red and that babe feels her body flush with anger. Then a second wave comes over her; she’s actually turned on by this! “Well, if I’m paying him for his time he’ll have to do some supplementary work,” this babe comes to a culmination. That babe drops to her knees and rips his rod with out its hiding place. She slurps him down until he is rock-hard and willing to shag…her feet. This chab slips all over her beautifully pedicured toes and cushioned, flexible arches. Pretty soon Ms. Castro can feel her vagina juice leaking down her legs. That babe smiles up at him,.”Now I am plan to shag his brains out until that fellow can give my feet exactly what they need, a hot load of cum.”

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Angelina Castro – Your Foot Mistress

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Your Foot Woman

Your Foot Mistress

Angelina Castro has a little sex serf ready to do whatever degrading thing that babe can think of. This day, that babe feels like her feet need some worshipping! She undresses him undressed, embarrassing him, and makes him put on a pair of her pantyhose. Everything this babe does is to tanalize him. If he’s lying down, she’s resting her high heels on his cock and in his face hole. If he is standing, she’s on her back and putting on a cum-hole show. Even when she’s got his cock in her throat she’s made sure to position her feet just close sufficient to his tongue so that babe can acquire her toes cleaned. But that babe still denies him the enjoyment of slobbering on her arches. Finally, when he’s had sufficient of the castigation, that babe lets him plunge into her cum-hole and play with her booty cheeks. When she’s contented with the screwing that babe demands a big, dirty tribute all over her freshly licked soles.

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Jenna Covelli – Seasoned Strumpet

Friday, December 13th, 2013

Seasoned Strumpet

Seasoned Strumpet

Some HORNY HOUSEWIVES don’t leak sexuality the way Jenna does, and that is a shame because here at Leg Sex, we like a good-looking old minx, especially one that is down to play. Jenna’s a single California dream honey and she absolutely likes to be as hawt as possible. This is the kind of lady who doesn’t believe in wearing underwear when she’s in a costume or skirt…ever. “You’ve got to be prepared. U at not time know when you’re going to meet a hot woman chaser at a bar or a party or hell, even a wedding! I am a social lady and flirting is one of my favorite pastimes, so yes, u could say I do glamorous nice in the fucking department. Easy access is never a bad thing. Even if wearing hose, I adore to go commando.”

Jenna enjoys the freedom of not being fastened down to any specific person. She’s always had a meaty erotic energy. She was a hot dancer for a brief time, although she is too worked as a personal tutor, a limo driver and even a teacher. “I’m all over the place. Maybe that is why I stay single. No one can keep up. I like surfing, kayaking, visiting museums. I cant expect to give sky-diving a try!”

Jenna’s likewise a bit of a cougar. “I rogered one of my son’s friends one time. This gent knocked on our door and I came to open it in my towel. I immediately saw how larger than average his eyes got, so I brought him in and started sucking him off. He had a fabulous shlong!”

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Tiffany Kelly – A Craving for a Shaving

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

A Longing for a Shaving

A Lust for a Shaving

Tiffany is a long-legged, glamorous blond who loves the way it feels when her legs are touched and cuddled. That babe loves to play with creams and oils and especially loves the way that shaving semen feels when she rubs it all over her stems. “I often shave for my partners. Something about being juicy in the tub and lathering my legs up whilst they watch excites me. And then there’s the actual shaving. I think it is the razor that adds a little bit of excitement to it. There’s an element of danger and that makes me truly horny. I not at all let my partners shave my legs for me. I enjoy letting them watch, but that’s it. Maybe once I begin touching my pussy, then I will let them join in. But shaving is my little ritual, and a dude who wants to be with me needs to just sit there, weenie in hand, and look at me do it.”

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Courtney – Plaid Vixen

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Plaid Vixen

Plaid Vixen

Courtney’s got a greater than average test coming up, so she’s supposed to be studying in the library, but it sure doesn’t look like much studying is going on! This leggy sex-kitten is feeling likewise frisky to concentrate on her books. That babe craves u to concentrate on her peds, instead. “I have a thing for men touching my feet. Massaging, smelling,licking…I like it all.”

With nice-looking peds and silky smooth legs, who would not want to oblige and give Courtney and her bottom half all the attention they urge? And view these bewitching handful-sized zeppelins and that snug clutch! We do not know how she’ll do on her exam, but that babe passes our test for sure!

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