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Aurora Monroe – Dancin’ Doll

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Dancin’ Doll

Dancin' Doll

Here at Leg Sex, we adore it when dancers come to our doorstep. And we were doubly thrilled when cover cutie Aurora came by to reveal off her body, so constricted and flexible and buxom and smooth! We knew she’d be a hit with u boyz, so we had to discharge her right away. This beauty is dynamite. Still in the prime of her youth, she exudes confidence and sexuality. That babe is got a jaw-dropping personality, too, with a lot of energy. She’s been a cheerleader, a dance instructor, played softball and soccer. It goes on. With all that physical training, it is no wonder that babe is as flabby as that babe is. Can you imagine yourself on your knees looking up into that meaty snatch of hers, worshiping every inch of those perfectly sculpted stems? And it acquires more nice. Aurora is a total freak. “I masturbate every evening, usually just to turn on my partners, with a vibrator at the greatest setting. I say partners ‘coz during the time that I like chaps, I also actually savour being with honeys. One of the hottest times was when I was at this party… I took this insanely hawt redhead to the bath and ate her out in the empty tub. Hearing her groan made me soak my panties all the way!”

All of Aurora’s sexual tales were nothing short of dick-hardening. “My beloved position is definitely doggy-style. There is nothing more worthy than having a dude that knows what he’s doing screw me subrigid and fast doggy style until I cum! I also love rogering in public. I even did it one time on a park bench. Other things I enjoy include hair pulling, some light smacking, immodest talk, oh, and thrashing!”

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Brandon Jes – Office Foot Fuck

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Office Foot Copulate

Office Foot Fuck

Nothing gripping ever happens at Brandon Jes’s office. She excuses herself to the restroom frequently to break up the monotony of the day. She pulls her hose down and up so often she has to buy new ones each week ‘coz they acquire so stretched. This day, as the pantyhose are wrapped around her ankles and that babe is inspecting herself in the mirror, this babe receives the passion she so desperately urges. A hand darts out from beneath the stall, gripping her undergarments and pulling her close to the wall. It’s a man’s hand, and it is roughly working its way up her thigh. Her shock and fear give way to craving as that babe realizes that her slit has flooded from passion and juices are flowing down her lengthy, toned legs. She sits down on the tile floor and slides her lower body under the stall divider. Soon 2 jean-clad legs come below to her side and she sends her feet str8 to where this babe knows a inflexible wang will be resting. As that babe massages this mysterious man’s knob with the soles of her stockinged feet, the hands return to kick off massaging her clitoris. Although that babe can not see this charmer and that guy can not see her, they work each other’s body as if they had done it for years. Her hose ripped, her cum-hole overflowing with lube and her feet now wrapped around a monumental rod, she knows exactly what this babe craves. This babe stands, walks around the stall and demands that her vagina be filled. This man rips what tatters of the pantyhose still remain and slips his 10-Pounder into her capitulating snatch. As they screw in the ladies bath at work all this babe can think about is ending this rencounter just as they had begun, with her toes working the tip of his humongous meat-thermometer. She lies down on the cold floor, her feet in the air, waiting for the hot load from this mystery woman chaser who relieved her of another boring day at the office.

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Brandon Jes – Ped Peeper

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Ped Peeper

Ped Peeper

Busted! Brandon Jes has just identified a peeping Tom spying beneath the bathroom stall whilst she was peeing. She caught him red-handed, but he’s caught her with her pants down. His hands dart out under the stall divider to clutch her high heel and pull her to the ground. Now she’s sitting there with her pantyhose bunched around her ankles, her lengthy, lean legs crammed against the nifty tile floor and her pussy still succulent. Wait, she thinks, I was dry just a second agone. The man’s hands are fondelling her silky-smooth calves throughout the cloth of her tights and sending shivers of enjoyment up her spine. “That feels so valuable,” she murmurs to her own surprise. This babe slides her legs beneath the stall to reveal off her now in nature’s garb butt. The Lothario walks around to her side of the stall, presenting his rock hard schlong. She doesn’t even turn over; this babe just moves her peds to his penis and starts caressing his glans with her toes. After a pont of time they both come to a culmination it is time to shag. He rips a hole in the butt of her tights, using his clutch on her brassiere to pull her doggie-style against his dick. It’s not lengthy before she feels his cock swell with an impending climax. “Cum on my soles,” she trousers. This babe collapses onto her belly, presenting her arches for his wicked tribute.

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Angie Noir – Retro Tramp

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Retro Tramp

Retro Tramp

A retro kitten at heart, Angie Noir loves dressing adore a pin-up of the past. That babe digs boys that are into wearing snazzy suits and who appreciate her vintage look. Oh, and that babe can’t live with out when lads like to eat her slit and screw her naive. So when that babe identified out Juan fit the bill, that babe had to pounce right away. Not wasting a second on introductions, Angie got to work. Within minutes, Angie went from fully-dressed moll to sitting on Juan’s face and then quickly bouncing on his bulky dong. We love a cutie with gumption! Angie could tell how much Juan wanted her from the get-go, so she jumped right in and this ladies man sure as hell did not mind. Would you? That babe is got a killer look and a mind boggling body! These nude nylons only serve to accentuate the curves of her lengthy legs. And her rogering skills are spectacular. “I adore being on top and in control when I’m nailing a lad. Looking down at him as this petticoat chaser penetrates my cookie solely makes me gush more. I love going at my speed so I can cum when I desire.”
Angie’s much loved thing about sex is, of course, cumming. And after Juan bent her legs back and got her to shriek out in ecstasy, her second favourite part came: having him cum on her soles in tribute.

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Saige Aeryne – Forest Foot Fairy

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Forest Foot Fairy

Forest Foot Fairy

Saige Aeryne loves dressing up like a charming woodland nymph, but she can’t hide the fact that that babe is truly a nympho! As she frolics beneath the banyan trees, pretending to be a fairy, that babe starts exotic dancing out of her pink tutu and frilly top, exposing her flawless little love melons and lengthy, silky-smooth legs. Her red hair is pulled behind her ears. Dunky, white flowers are pinned in her curls. Her dance unveils off ballerina’s calves and a taut abdomen. She begins caressing her succulent slit and playing with her fairy dress, draping herself in ribbon, letting it cascade over her milk-white haunches and tickle her soles. As she rests against her tree, fingering her downy, moist snatch, that babe rocks her body back and forth until it crashes into a full-blown orgasm. Then, as colorfully as she appeared, this babe prances off to some other hidden woodland. Would not we all love to hide our wood in Saige Aeryne’s thicket?

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Saige Aeryne – Naughty Nymph

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Wicked Nymph

Naughty Nymph

Saige Aeryne can’t live without dressing up in her fairy outfit and prancing about in the great outside. That babe feels so at ease there she’ll occasionally get bare, enjoying the comfort of being absolutely free. Today, as this babe disrobes off her billowing lace skirt and thong she can feel the leaves and vines on the trees practically caressing her legs. Looking down, she sees what this babe would call a fairy’s treasure–a not many golden coins scattered upon the ground. We adore to call it ass! This babe lies on her back with her lengthy legs in the air, flipping the coins betwixt her toes before letting ’em fall back down onto her stomach and naked muff. She reaches for ’em and grazes her twat, which feels so worthy this babe goes in for more. As she writhes in fun on the soil, surrounded by her recent riches, this hippie sweetheart looks more love a nympho than a nymph!

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Alexis Rodriguez – Seductive Stems

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Sultry Stems

Seductive Stems

Alexis is a alluring sweetheart with a penchant for fancy lingerie, bigger in size than run of the mill heels and guys who know how to appreciate a female. She’s the kind of angel that can’t live out of having doors opened for her, checks picked up by her dates and her legs and feet massaged, oiled and worshiped by submissive guys. You’ll not at any time watch her out and about in sneakers or flip-flops. This babe is strictly about the heels, always looking hawt and glam.This tempting babe likes to pamper herself and be pampered. “I was courting a petticoat chaser some years agone who really enjoyed using lotion on my legs before we’d have sex. That smooth operator would take his time, massaging my thighs and calves and working his way down to my feet. I suppose that is when I began doing it more on my own as well. I’m indeed meticulous about my routine now, using different creams to keep ’em super smooth and smelling priceless. Studs always tell me my skin is extremely soft. I know the lads I give foot-jobs to are especially grateful, not to mention turned on. It’s enjoyment for me, likewise.”
Alexis makes no doubt of that u get what you put out there. “Honestly, I was exhausted of in a relationship with and dealing with little boys who sucked at sex and had no manners. I decided to up my game and become a hawt seductress. Now I dress to kill, action confident and go after the types of lads I desire. And it works. I have got males lined up, willing and begging at my feet.”

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Catia – The Temptress Wears Red

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

The Temptress Wears Red

The Temptress Wears Red

Catia is being a real tanalize. She’s putting on a hawt unveil for u, but that babe knows that u crave to see her manicured feet, so that babe is intend to hide them as long as possible. She keeps ’em buried in her fuzzy, red slippers, which match her sexy, silken lingerie. She calls out for a stiff schlong to bonk her feet, but not yet. She craves to expect. When rubbing her succulent cookie throughout her belt has built up enough tension she uncovers her toes and uses the slipper to cuddle her now exposed, writhing body. This babe knows the name of the game and provides us with plenty of hawt sole-bearing act.

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Catia – Slippery When Wet

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Slippery When Juicy

Slippery When Wet

Catia just got cozy at home. She’s stripped down to her bra and knickers and put on her titanic, fuzziest slippers. They tickle her feet a little bit and she wonders, what else should this babe tickle? As her underclothes comes off she’s clenching the slippers’ fabric betwixt her toes, sliding her soles in and out and feeling the shoes’ warmth cuddle her silky-smooth feet. When she’s absolutely exposed she begins to toy her cunt, alternating between her g-spot tickler and the fuzzy, red slipper. Her pedicured feet in the air, her cunt being thoroughly proud, this babe is just having another relaxing day at home.

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