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Megan Reece – Dr. Feelgood

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Dr. Feelgood

Dr. Feelgood

When Megan twists her ankle, she needs care urgently and heads over to the emergency room to be seen by who else but Dr. Feelgood. That buck takes a quick check out her foot and his diagnosis is that Megan needs some toe engulfing and foot loving right away. So love any professionally tutored doctor, he goes above and beyond the call of duty and administers care right on the spot. What could be more magnificant than distracting a patient so that they do not focus on the pain, right? That’s why Dr. Feelgood knows this smooth operator has to ravish Megan on the spot. Who can think of any hurt when they are feeling oh, so priceless?

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Natalia Jay – Fierce Jungle Toes

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Fierce Jungle Toes

Fierce Jungle Toes

Welcome to the jungle where fierce and naughty Natalia Jay hunts her prey when she is on the prowl for sexual gratification. She urges no thing more than to taste her feet and run her long, delicate and saliva-moistened fingers between her toes. Check out as that babe uses her heel to rub her engorged clitoris and damp fur pie and make herself shudder with an intense climax. This jungle cat cums until she purrs in her hole-ridden tights. Take a journey into the wild and view this marvelous, blue-eyed wonder cum.

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Natalia Jay – Hose Beast

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Tights Brute

Hose Beast

Do you know where u are? You are in the jungle, baby, and Natalia Jay is here to make sure u have the proper training to survive. Ms. Jay wants u to drop down and give her 20…strokes of your penis, naturally. Then this babe desires u to do Twenty jumping jacks, exposed, so this babe can view your manhood bounce up and down. This babe likes it when you are vulnerable. Now crawl throughout the mud to her legs, and kiss her shoes. That is right, maggots, this babe is in charge!

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Genie Onyx – Little Fuck-doll

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Little Fuck-doll

Little Fuck-doll

What a little fuck-doll Genie Onyx is! She’s a little pixie at solely 4’10” tall so she wears big shag shoes to compensate. But look beyond her height and notice how shapely and defined her hawt legs are. That babe have to spend hours keeping them in perfect shape. She has the legs of a ballerina. In this clip, Genie displays off her pins for the Leg Sex digi camera, tightening every muscle so you can study them. That babe removes her do-me shoes and shows her slight, charming feet. How many dudes have doused her precious peds with their ball-batter? “A lot!” says Genie. “My boyfriends have spent hours on my legs and feet. They love to engulf and take up with the tongue my toes and they always ask me to walk back and forth in high-heels whilst they lay back and play with their rods. Coz I’m so short and light, almost any of them can pick me up and have sex with me in the almost any thrilling poses!”

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Genie Onyx – Bare Brickhouse Broad

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Stripped Brickhouse Broad

Bare Brickhouse Broad

“Next to sex, lap dancing is my prefered thing to do. When I’m alone in a studio I adore to let loose and practice barefoot. The kewl tile on my soles sends a shiver of delight from my heels to my muff. Somehow I always end up stripping bare. In the mirror I examine the sleek silhouette of my legs as I stand on my tiptoes. The top of my foot is perfectly curved and my ankles are steady. When I drop my soles back to the floor I usually bring one leg up to the side of my face. Then I rub my nude clitoris until my whole body is tense. When I’m spread adore that, every sensation is heightened. I can feel my hair tickling my raised calf and my inner hips stretching wider with wish.”

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Ivana Bianchi – Ivana Fuck Alot

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Ivana Fuck Alot

Ivana Copulate Alot

Ivana can’t live without to pick up hawt strangers and tempt ’em in her sheer straps. That babe finds this youthful stud standing out on one of the balconies of her hotel. She invites him over and has him kiss and take up with the tongue her feet immediately. Then that babe caresses him for a while, coz feeling smooth rod flesh on her soles is one of her favorite things. Then of course, being the cocksmith that she’s, she has to pounce on his shlong in each position this babe can bend herself into coz she knows that a humongous jock is a terrible thing to waste. And when this woman chaser coats her feet in guy sauce, she admires it, ‘coz this babe knows it is there as a tribute to her dish.

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Ivana Bianchi – Mistress of Your Cock

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Female of Your Rod

Mistress of Your Cock

No fellow could resist a mastix as fetching as Ivana. She’s the type of beauty who could have anyone that babe wants-including u, you obscene foot perv. That babe knows your type. She sees u staring at her muscly haunches and beautiful feet, and that babe likes it. That’s why whenever she finds herself a foot ladies man, she does everything in her power to tempt him and drive him potty. In these images, she exposes u exactly how that babe handles her potty, little ped slaves. 1st this babe parades around in heels and a miniature skirt, flexing her quads with every step. Then she’ll make you engulf her toes. If u do a worthwhile job, then you receive the fun of fucking her exactly how that babe tells u to.

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Sara Siren – A Siren In Sockies

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

A Siren In Sockies

A Siren In Sockies

“My legs are squashy,” purrs Sara Siren as that babe begins to rub her feet throughout her impure socks. “I adore to rub my feet, especially after a long day. Do not I have some sexy legs? Do u wanna see my twat? Cause this feels so nice. Do you wanna see my feet again? Or how about my subrigid nipps? I’ve so much to offer you. So sit back and view what I love to do to get off. And whilst u do, please touch yourself. Knowing that I can make you rock hard and have you stroking your overweight wang during the time that u check out turns me on, likewise.”

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