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Carmella Diamond – Legs A Lovin’

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Legs A Lovin’

Legs A Lovin'

“It’s unbending for me to stop one time I acquire turned on,” says Latin enchanting, Carmella. “If I become aroused, I need satisfaction at soever cost, which usually means I get to rub my soles and get something between my toes right away. I have been known to masturbate with hairbrushes between my toes. Once I even used an empty beer bottle. Just the feeling of having an object stretching my toes wide and sliding in and out is very raunchy to me and might send me over the edge.” If that isn’t sexy sufficient, watch as Carmella shags her feet with the stem of a wine glass!

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Carmella Diamond – Naked For The Neighbors

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Nude For The Neighbors

Naked For The Neighbors

“What’s wrong with being naked in the midst of the afternoon out on the balcony?” asks Carmella, a brunette hair we have grown to like for her dissolute pastimes. “I’ll tell u a secret: I have a bunch of fans in the building across the way. Oh, I know they are watching me. And they know that I put on my immoral, little stripteases for ’em, but we never acknowledge that. It would take all the fun out of it for me. I pretend I’m some sexually excited housewife who is looking for an escape by getting wild out on the balcony. But what I really enjoy is sneaking a peek at the dudes jacking off to me. That makes me lascivious beyond belief. It’s adore my own little in nature’s garb audience, and the more I give ’em, the more furiously they beat their knobs for me. I adore it, and I do this every afternoon. Come over and view sometime.”

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Angel – Greatest Pick Up Line

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

High-reaching Pick Up Line

Greatest Pick Up Line

Goddess likes to get dolled up and go out to her beloved dive bar to watch how many losers try and pick her up. She can’t live out of shooting them down and crushing their pathetic hopes. This babe has come to expect that these males will tell her she is gorgeous, that this babe has a hawt body and that she’s sexy. What she doesn’t wait is that that babe will be rogering someone in the baths stall of the lap dancing club that night. But that’s exactly what happens when this babe meets a woman chaser who recognizes a foot queen when that charmer sees one and knows that the way to her heart is throughout her soles.

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Angel – He Spilled A Drink On Her Shoes

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

He Spilled A Swallow On Her Shoes

He Spilled A Gulp On Her Shoes

Losers hit on Gal all the time at her local bar. This babe is used to it, and frankly, that babe is over it. She promises herself that if she hears another lame pick-up line, she’s going to freak out. But what she doesn’t know is that one gutsy, obnoxious buck is plan to ignite the raunchiest parts of her sexuality by spilling a drink on her fresh shoes and making her put her foot in his face hole. She did not think that babe would be banging him in the ladies room of this particular bar, but that’s exactly where they end up, having wild sex in a public place.

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Gianna Rossi – Sweet Punishment

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Pleasing Punishment

Sweet Punishment

Gianna Rossi knows her place, and that is on top. Although that is not to say she doesn’t have pleasure a little defiance. Sometimes it’s pleasure to put boys who talk back in their place. That is when she acquires to step on their face with her Cuban-heel clad foot. No thing gives her more fun than forcefully pushing her feet into a misbehaving boy’s face hole. If you give her any lip, she’ll yoke u by the tie and tell u to lick her feet from bottom to top and then, just when you’re unnerved by her dominance and forcefulness, this babe will bonk u within an inch of your life and dictate you to cum on her feet. Yep, Ms. Rossi is really dangerous and exciting, but there is nothing incorrect with that.

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Gianna Rossi – Siren In Seams

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Siren In Seams

Siren In Seams

Gianna Rossi is no one to be trifled with. If this babe tells you to do smth, you’d better do it. If not, that babe will slap her Cuban-heel-clad foot across your face. She will forcefully push her feet into your mouth. She’ll yoke u by the tie and tell you to lick her feet from bottom to top and then, just when you are unnerved by her forcefulness, this babe will bonk u within an inch of your life. Gianna showed off her domineering diva ways in the video “Leg Sex Pinups”. That babe showed this chap who was boss by gripping his weenie with her toes and slutty bawdy cleft. “There’s nothing I adore more than meeting a regular boy-friend and helping him get a taste for toes. I love to turn vanilla types into foot freaks. I enjoy watching fellows shoot their first foot job load. They look so surprised when they realize they can receive that kind of enjoyment from my curvacious arches. When I give u a foot job, I will leave you forever changed.”

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Bailey Brooks – Time To Wash Them Stockings

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Time To Wash Them Nylons

Time To Wash Them Stockings

Bailey Brooks is into pantyhose. Maybe even more than you are. This babe loves to suit up when she plays with herself, even if that’s supposed to mean wearing a pair of tights into the shower and then ripping ’em off and getting them wet so that babe can rub the dripping nylon on her bawdy cleft. We know you adore to stroke with the filmy and smooth material over your shlong, but there’s something so barefaced and carnal about watching Bailey cum with her wet tights on her adore button. This obscene mistress in the shower will definitely clean your pipes out. It’s nearly a shame when that babe cums and it is over.

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Bailey Brooks – Panty Pudding

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Knicker Pudding

Panty Pudding

“When I am with a fellow, I crave to be screwed on each surface in my house. I crave to try as many kinky poses as possible. And I urge to be ravished. I know that most hotties urge sensitivity and all that fluff. Not me. I crave a smooth operator to take charge and use my body for all his erotic fun. But I too wanna be in control, sometimes. If a dude can treat me like a messy, sex-crazed slut, and make me cum, then I will return the favour. I’ll let him wear my pantyhose and then bonk him for all he’s worth!”

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