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Eva Gomez – Warehouse Foot Fuck

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Warehouse Foot Copulate

Warehouse Foot Fuck

Eva Gomez is a warehouse manager who likes to acquire her hands messy and stock shelves and move boxes with the chaps. On this special day, her mission is to break in the new stock Lothario Ramon, so she wears a slight petticoat and her highest heels so that Lothario can receive a great up-skirt watch her legs and gigantic can whilst that babe is on the ladder. When this babe falls right into his lap, literally, she brushes against his stupendous hardon and figures that since she has already stocked boxes, it is time to rock his package. That babe has sex with him on the warehouse floor and even lets him put his schlong in her ass. But when Raul is about to cum, that babe asks him to smear his sauce on her feet, cuz she knows where this babe desires his tribute.

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Eva Gomez – Warehouse Fuck

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Warehouse Fuck

Warehouse Fuck

“I get very randy when I know that we’ve a new boy in the warehouse at work,” says lusty Latina, Eva Gomez. “Just the idea of anybody recent to castigation by wearing short skirts and flashing my stripped bawdy cleft makes my toes curl with excitement! I don’t want someone to give me cheesy pick-up lines. I select who I wanna put on a little expose for and I like to let the erotic tension build between us until we lastly tear each other apart. I heard from a not many of the angels that this special pervert had a stupendous cock and I thought to myself, ‘Who better to wrestle with my peds than this hung man?’ So I made my dream of fucking him in the warehouse come true and it got me so sexy that I let him stuff that larger than typical thing in my ass, too. Of course, I needed to see just how hot I made him, so I asked him to spray down my soles and toes. And his man cream was mountainous. A tribute worthwhile of a queen!”

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Lexy Marie – Keys And Toes

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Keys And Toes

Keys And Toes

“When I was younger, I had a piano instructor who loved legs and feet. I would always catch him staring at my legs and it truly turned me on that I had this hold over him. I began to come to practice in sandals and in the centre of our lesson, I’d remove my shoes and kick off to cosset the piano pedals with my exposed feet as I played. I knew that chap loved to observe that and his pants would strain to contain his humongous hardon. Soon I became ballsy enough to wank the pedals with the one and the other feet mimicking a foot job and I would smile at the sharp intake of breath that signaled to me that that Lothario had cum in his trousers. We at not time commented about what was happening between us and we at not time spoke out loud about this game of footsie, but we continued our raunchy piano lessons for years. I’d practice and at the end of the lesson, I would jerk the pedals with my feet until this skirt chaser came in his pants. Then I would go home and masturbate thinking about the possibility that one day that skirt chaser might lose his nifty and screw me on the piano bench. This woman chaser at not time did and we eventually parted ways, but until this day, I can not play a piano without becoming so sexually excited that I must play with my snatch and cum all over the rigid wooden bench.”

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Lexy Marie – High-Class Harlot

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

High-Class Harlot

High-Class Harlot

“I adore no thing more than for my legs to be free. I prevent wearing pants as often as possible. Usually you’ll just watch me in a suit or skirt, coupled with hawt heels. I hardly ever wear nylons either. Trousers and hose just feel like dunky prisons for my legs. I crave to feel every sensation, like the leather of my car seat sticking my legs whenever I drive anywhere or the kewl breeze fondelling my legs as I walk. And certainly, no thing turns more heads than a couple of naked, curvacious legs.

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Katerina Kat – Tawdry Threesome

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Tawdry Three-some

Tawdry Threesome

Lithe blonde, Katerina Kat and curvacious black brown, Sandra Romain go toe-to-toe in this lesbian seduction that soon turns into a tawdry 3some. Decked out in nylons and garters, those ladies worship every other’s limbs and feet lovingly, fondelling and teasing with excited tongues. Katerina, a former circus contortionist, bows and twists in all sorts of positions so that Sandra can lave her digits and soles. Then, their voyeur joins in on the enjoyment and the ladies take turns slobbering on his rigid shlong and grinding their succulent twats on it. Sandra works his shaft with her adept arches and Katerina sucks his testicles, also. Then, during the time that Katerina spanks her needy snatch, Sandra slips the length of this stud’s shaft into her snug chocolate hole, riding and pumping her butt up and down, screaming with joy. And because in a trio, u must learn how to share and share alike, the ladies offer up their soles for a spraying of cum and then share their tribute by sliding their toes and peds all over one one more.

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Katerina Kat – Tiptoe Threesome!

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Tiptoe Three-some!

Tiptoe 3some!

“I adore to touch chicks and make them groan in ecstasy and writhe ‘coz of my sexy face hole and the ministrations of my nimble fingers,” says curvacious Romanian dish Sandra. “Seeing Katerina for the first time, I was overtaken by her beauty and I wanted to ravish her. Then that babe contorted into this almost-impossible position on the set right before we did our three-some scene for Leg Sex Pinups and I got so wanton that I creamed my knickers,” this babe discloses. “Sandra is a very impressive domina and her legs are so firm and powerful, so I was very attracted to her when I first saw her,” says contortionist queen, Katerina Kat. “I was drawn to her full lips and wondered what it would feel love to have ’em wrapped around my toes or laving my luscious cookie until I came in her face hole. I sitting in a chair next to her and contorted, putting my legs behind my head and bringing my snatch right up to her eye level. I saw her licking with tongue her lips and knew she wanted me, too.” “Being with a woman and a gent at the same time is the most carnal experience you can have,” says Sandra with a smile. “When your face is buried in a enjoyable vagina and you have a 10-Pounder buried in your butt, it’s the preeminent of the one and the other worlds. All of your senses are proud. U have something alluring to touch, taste, smell and see. And hearing her cries of excitement are nearly as worthy as having an orgasm yourself.”

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Dominique – Deserved Punishment

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Merited Punishment

Deserved Punishment

Dominique is all about business. This babe is one of these inflexible, ball-breaking bosses who takes no shit. So when her incompetent employee, Joey, spills water on her shoes and tights, there is hell to pay. That babe tells him to clean the mess up right away…with his throat. Dominique is glad with teaching this fucking grunt a lesson and sits back to enjoy herself as that woman chaser licks her feet and shoes. “That will reveal him who is boss,” this babe thinks with a sneer. Little does she know that her torture is EXACTLY what this man wanted in the 1st place.

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Dede Lopez – Heel To Toes

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Heel To Toes

Heel To Toes

“I like to disrobe. It is very sensual and kind of filthy to know that u shouldn’t be getting naked, but you are, and people are watching. I especially like it when I have on pantyhose ‘cuz it is like you are stripped, but u still have on hot outfit. And the feel of the nylon whilst it’s coming off and on is so carnal. That’s why I always must masturbate when I’m in tights. The gusset rubs on my clitoris all day and it gets all juicy with my musky juices and then I need to cum. It is practically an addiction.”

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Ashlynn Brooke – Ped Painter

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Ped Painter

Ped Painter

“I receive turned on when I touch my own feet and fondle my cute toes,” says long-legged, blonde Ashlynn. “Especially when someone is watching me. I adore to do things with my feet, also. I used my toes to pick up a paintbrush and paint the walls. And that was joy, but what was even more pleasure was sitting on the ladder and looking down on my friend who filmed me. I know that that gent likes feet, too, so it was kinky to sit above him and have him look at me play with my soles and receive turned on. Sitting above him gave me a sense of vigour. It made me feel like a queen on a throne. Next time, I am intend to make him engulf my feet whilst that smooth operator sits below me.”

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