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Kitty Langdon – Clean Up Service

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Clean Up Service

Clean Up Service

“I love to be observed. It speaks to the exhibitionist part of my nature. I feel a stranger’s eyes on my body and it’s as if his hands are groping me. It makes me wanna give him a show–the wilder, the more wonderful. When I cleaned Johnny’s hotel room, I could feel his eyes on me, undressing me. When this charmer said me that he liked to view, I knew I had detected my match. Then his hands were all over me and I lost all control. I was so slutty to let him see my nude body that I ripped my suit off, snapping buttons and sending ’em scattering everywhere. The sex was hawt, but the superlatively wonderful part was when that lady-killer came all over my pointy black shoes. I loved seeing his goo glisten on the leather.”

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Haylo – Voyeur Games

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Voyeur Games

Voyeur Games

Haylo likes to be observed by her neighbour across the way in the building next to hers. They play a game of peek-a-boo during the time that she’s on her balcony and today this babe is gonna take their game to the next level by letting him come over and check out her play with her long legs and her cute feet. Notice her French pedicured shrimps and how they flex around her toy while she fingers her clam. This golden-haired is a randy exhibitionist and she can’t live out of the voyeur in you.

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Puma Swede – Nobody Fucks With Puma

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

Nobody Shags With Puma

Nobody Screws With Puma

Are you a strong businessman by day and a amoral, little sissy stud by night? Do u receive to be trained and shown your place by a cold-hearted woman? Sure you do. We know that u love a lady to tell u what to do and make you crawl on your knees. U know your crave a controlling diva to paint your marvelous, pouty little lips with her lipstick and then smear it with her gusset. We know that u wanna be bossed around and said when and how to fuck and yelled at to lick shoes clean. And so does ice queen Puma Swede. View as that babe humiliates her boss and treats him like the overpaid, disgusting pig that this chab is. This is how sissies like you acquire to be treated so check out and learn a thing or 2.

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Don’t Fuck With Puma…Unless You Want Her To Fuck You UP!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Don’t Screw With Puma…Unless You Crave Her To Shag You UP!

Don't Bonk With Puma...Unless U Wish Her To Screw You UP!

Puma doesn’t take any shit from anyone. She’s all business, whether she’s in the office or in the bedroom massaging your weenie with her feet. When a paramour or an employee is insubordinate that babe will display them who’s boss. This blond bombshell will crush you with her fishnet-clad thighs and cradle your ramrod betwixt her six-inch heels. It not quite makes you want to action up so that she’ll castigate u. Let her take control. She’s so damn valuable at it.

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Clean My Pipes!

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Clean My Pipes!

Clean My Pipes!

Kitty is a maid at a seedy hotel. It is the kind of place where people go to have illicit trysts and remain anonymous. That babe usually by no means sees any of the patrons who frequent the place coz they are long-gone before she goes into their rooms to clean. That is, until the one day that that babe was cleaning a room and realized that there was a dude watching her from the bath. She was caught off guard, but there was something about him that rendered her helpless. She wanted to submit to him. That is why when this chab strolled over to her, this babe began to undo her hair from its constricted coil. This fellow ran his fingers through it and then smelled it. “I crave to touch you,” that petticoat chaser told her. “I wish to be touched, sir,” she replied. And so their game of master and servant began. He had his way with her, worshiping her feet and pummeling her fur pie with his hardness. By the time this chab came all over her shoes, she was ravished. Then this Lothario got clothed and checked out. And Kitty, spent the day with his goo all over her shoes as a reminder of her indiscretion.

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Sexy Seams

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Hawt Seams

Sexy Seams

Siri is a ball batter dream with thick legs and a bulbous derriere that she wishes to rub all over your face. This breasty blonde bombshell is of Scandinavian background and hails from California by way of Minneapolis, Minnesota. This babe exudes a certain sexuality and that babe craves u to notice it. Her body is meant to be touched and she wants you to be the one to put your hands all over her. In fact, she’s willing for all kinds of fun, because that babe can’t live out of to cum daily. “I’m a very sexual goddess,” she said. “I have a variety of marital-aids, dildos and sex toys. I’ve been an bonkers masturbator for a during the time that. Wanna look at me cum?” This babe in a short time decided that that babe wanted to be a femdom-goddess to attractive chicks. “That was when I began to date and dominate women,” Siri told. “I dated chicks exclusively. I had girlfriends. And then I stopped go out with hotty’s and I went through my whore phase where I was obsessed with males. I guess that each gal goes throughout that.”

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The Morning After…

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

The Morning After…

The Morning After...

Once Harmony has had her way with her lover, that babe can’t live with out to don his shirt and walk around his apartment in her stockings and heels. That babe uses his golf clubs, even though this man said her not to touch them. That babe does this to remind him that that babe doesn’t chase any man’s rules. That babe is in charge. He might object, but this smooth operator secretly loves to view her break his rules. This chab watches her from the other room, silently wishing that that babe was trampling his dick with her heels and telling him what to do. And Harmony knows that stud is watching. That is why she teases him with a undress flaunt that ends with her spreading her thighs and her cookie lips open wide. This babe enjoys knowing that despite his objections, her paramour is yanking on his ramrod in the other room to her every move.

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