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Stocking Show

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Stocking Brandish

Stocking Show

Natalie Minx is a leg seductress. This babe knows u love her legs and she can’t live with out showing them to u. This statuesque dark brown temptress receives off knowing that right now, u are looking at her pictures and tugging on your jock with reckless abandon. U are jacking off coz she wills it, not because u do. Every jack off on your rigid cock is a victory for her ‘coz during the time that she’s unaffected by your unveil, this babe knows that you are hers to toy with. She will tease you and provoke you because once u have spilled your seed she has won. See the way she carefully slides on her Cuban-heeled seamed nylons. She is careful not to tear ’em or cause a run cuz this babe desires to look ideal; she’s your mistresse, after all. Do u love what you watch? Will you worship her, footboy? Will you fall to your knees before her and bow your head down to her feet, silently begging her to allow you to touch her consummate French-manicured toes? Will your balls ache, enormous with the pressure of your excitement when that babe denies u with a dismissive wave of her hand and continues to suit? Don’t you wanna pursue those seams all the way up the length of her calf, past her knees to the velvety flesh of her thighs? Yes, you do. “I know your ramrod is inflexible and confined in your pants, but u more excellent not even think of touching it,” that babe tells u with a sneer. “I’m putting on a expose for u and I don’t want u cumming, yet. Not one sticky drop! I suppose that by now, we the one and the other know the rules, and they clearly put me in charge.”

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Fresh Set of Legs

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

New Set of Legs

 Recent Set of Legs

“I just started in a relationship with an aged boy ‘coz I wanted to experiment and try fresh things. I could not do any of that with my final boyfriend cuz he told the things I wanted to do were unusual. But I just love to have my feet tickled during sex. I have always had sensitive soles and arches, but I at no time knew that they would be sensitive in a raunchy way. I just thought I was ticklish. But one night during the time that my ex-partner and I were on his daybed, this chab was playing with my toes and this chab started tickling me. At 1st I laughed and wiggled around, but then that buck kept doing it and I realized it was turning me on. I said him not to stop and I played with my cookie while he viewed. I came really rock hard that night. Now I wish my feet played with all the time. But my ex-hubby wasn’t into it. So, we broke up and I started checking out groups on the Internet for people with foot fetishes. That is where I discovered my new hubby. He’s a lot maturer than me, but this chab likes to pamper my feet. This chab buys me cute socks and shoes and whenever I ask him to, this chab plays with my feet and sucks my toes. Sometimes I dress up and take dirty fotos for him where I’m nude and playing with my toes. We might even try a foot job soon!”

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Exhibitionist in Ebony

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Exhibitionist in Swarthy

Exhibitionist in Ebony

“When u spend majority of your days in fancy high-rises like I do, you receive bored very quickly.” told Lana. “My lover is a businessman who barely has any time for me during the day. I go shopping and buy fancy underware and shoes to wear for him at night, but my days have become very mundane. That is, until I realized that my neighbor’s a perv. I caught him staring at me throughout the blinds one day whilst I was out on the balcony getting a tan. I was rubbing oil on my legs and I looked up and there this chap was, jacking off in the window, watching me. At first I was shocked, but that fellow was kind of cute and I enjoyed how turned on that skirt chaser was by the sight of my legs. I oiled ’em up and showed him my feet and he nodded in approval. I poured oil all over my toes and started massaging my soles. When I looked up, he was cumming! There was a box on my balcony tomorrow and in it, a pair of dark-skinned, silk stockings love those with a note that read, “Thank u. Wear these.” So I put them on and when I came out, that stud was there, watching again. Now, it is our daily ritual. I costume up, he cums for me. It is gripping and kinky joy.”

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