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Maid to Order

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Maid to Order

Maid to Order

Jenna Valentine is a larger than typical bust glamour model who discharges for our sister magazine, Voluptuous. When she was shooting with us in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that babe donned this maid’s dress and told us that her fantasy was to pose for Leg Sex ‘cuz that babe had lots of experience with men who have foot fetishes. When we saw her in these dark nylons, we couldn’t deny Jenna her dream, and so this impromptu glamour photoshoot happened. During the time that our photographer discharged these fotos, Jenna told us about one perverted encounter with a foot woman chaser. “I have always attracted dudes who like big fun bags, but every now and once more, I receive a lad who is into feet. This one time, I was at the gym and this boy kept staring at me during the time that I worked out. I thought he was watching my mellons bounce, but this chab was looking at my feet! After my workout, I was sitting in the locker room, changing and this chab ran in and came right up to me. I got nervous, but that stud just leaned down and stole my shoes and ran off! It was actually bizarre, but I suppose my sneakers got favourable that night.”

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Schoolgirl Seduction

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Schoolgirl Seduction

Schoolgirl Seduction

“I have had a crush on my college professor for the entire semester,” says immoral pixie, Genie Onyx. “It’s all I could do to keep my hands from roaming downward and playing with my cum-hole while this lady-killer lectured the class. I attempted and tried to get his attention after school, but this Lothario always prevented me. So, I decided that the only way I was gonna acquire him was to seduce him. I wore revealing outfits and attempted to work out what that Lothario liked. Within a scarcely any days, this chap was mine.”

“I started my visual assaults on my professor by wearing low-cut tops to class, but this charmer did not even view me once. Then I wore tight pants that showed off my wazoo, but that dude didn’t flinch. Then I noticed that the day I wore a pair of skimpy, short shorts, this fellow could not keep his eyes off of my legs. That is when I knew what he was into. I spent the whole class opening and closing my thighs not fast and rubbing my legs. Then I let my sandals slide to the floor and I grasped one of my feet and smiled at him. I thought he was plan to cum when I started massaging my feet! This charmer stuttered throughout the rest of his lecture and dismissed us early. That’s when I knew that woman chaser was mine to toy with.”

“Once I knew this guy was a leg dude, I decided to play out the utmost hot-for-teacher and naughty schoolgirl dream. I got all dolled up and waited for him on his desk in my horny outfit right previous to his morning office hours. When that guy saw my legs akimbo and my slit through my sheer belts, he couldn’t resist. This chab got down on his knees and licked my shoes. I told him that I wanted him to lick my soles and engulf my toes. The lewd gleam in his eyes said me that we were intend to have a very kinky time.”

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Pinup Pantyhose Fantasy

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Pinup Pantyhose Dream

Pinup Hose Fantasy

Chloe was the kind of cutie who wouldn’t take no for an answer. Whilst the girls this babe knew all wanted to marry a pilot and settle down in suburbia, that babe wanted to earn her wings and see the world! And with that much gumption, who could prevent her? She donned her superlatively valuable hose and her favorite boots and hit the road, on her way to flight school. Along the way, this babe met many flyboys and airmen who wanted to help her join the mile high lap dancing club. Some of them wanted to wine and dine her and some of them wanted her to sit in their cockpit, but the ones who let her walk all over ’em were her beloved. That babe had a thing for towering over dudes. When a pilot offered to assist her accrue some fly time, this babe jumped at the opportunity. That babe also jumped at the chance to let him worship her legs and feet whilst they were in the air. With her hands on the controls and her toes in his throat, that babe felt her spirit soar. And that is when she wrapped her peds around his control stick! She’d at no time given a foot job in advance of, but pretty soon her arches were flying up and down his penis, pumping geysers of cum all over her soles. When they got the all clear to land, that babe looked over, winked and thanked him for teaching her how to fly the amiable skies!

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Let’s Play Master And Servant

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Let’s Play Taskmaster And Servant

Let's Play Dom And Servant

Angelina is a bored housewife who doesn’t watch much act in her day-to-day existence. She wishes something to break the monotony of her day and give her a little bit of passion, which her spouse fails to do. So, one day, while she’s having her carpet cleaned, she catches her carpet cleaner wearing her used pantyhose. Some hotties might be alarmed by such deviant behavior, but Angelina sees it as an opportunity to explore her sexuality and do all the lustful things this babe has always wanted to try. “Let’s play corporalist and servant,” this babe tells her concupiscent tights Lothario. “You cannot object to my rules, servant lad, or else,” this babe warns him. “I don’t think u can argue with that considering what you’ve been doing during the time that you’re on the clock. Not solely have you been slacking on the job, but you’ve been pilfering my underneath things, likewise. Look! U have practically ruined these nude hose you’re wearing, stretching them out with your large rod. I doubt I’ll be accustomed to ever wear ’em afresh. In fact, I think your behavior deserves a drubbing from me.” Pulling him over to her, Angelina puts this pervert over her knee, giving him a scarcely any whacks to his constricted backside to reveal him who the boss is. But the truth is that although Angelina might be in charge, her foot servant is enjoying this spanking almost as much as she’s! “Clearly you need a much more severe punishment, servant!” that babe says. “Get on your knees and take up with the tongue my shoes! Grovel and maybe I won’t file a complaint with your boss so you get fired!” When this chab begins to lave her feet with gusto, Angelina realizes that there is nothing she could instruct to this pantyhose boy that would make him suffer. “I might as well enjoy myself, too,” this babe says and orders him to rip the gusset from the pantyhose he is wearing so she can watch his jock. “I wish to see your penis, pull it out for me!” that babe demands. With his boner bobbing in front of her, this babe lifts her ped and touches it gingerly, eliciting a loud groan from her servant lady-killer. This babe begins to grope and toss off his girth with her toes and this Lothario practically loses his balance. “You wanna reveal me what else you can do with that thing, servant”” she asks while gripping his meat in her arches. That lady-killer is more than batty to plow his wang into her already moist cum-hole, and as he thrusts his schlong into her over and over, that man licks her soles and suckles her toes greedily.

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