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Cummy Pantyhose – Jolean

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Cummy Pantyhose

Investigate this sexy golden-haired legal age teenager, Jolean. This babe is wearing a pair of shinny white tights and her guy cant keep his hands off of her. She’s quick to pull of her dress so that buck can receive a check out her taut teen body but bigger amount importantly her pantyhose overspread legs. Investigate the episode vids of Jolean in pantyhose by clicking on the picture above.

Jolean has not at any time been with a chap with a pantyhose fetish like her boyfriend’s. This babe thinks it’s a little weird until that buck begins to rub her cum-hole through her pantyhose. Feeling the nylon fabric grinding against her cunt actually makes her juicy. She’s never given a footjob in advance of, but her dude teaches her how to do it. After a scarcely any minutes, she was giving a footjob like a accomplished! But the joy is getting started, next that guy rips apart her pantyhose at the seam by her cookie so that this babe doesn’t have to take off the hose to get banged!

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Hardcore Madness: 64 Photos of Stacy Adams

Friday, December 28th, 2007

Hardcore Madness: 64 Photos of Stacy Adams

I did not become CEO of this company by letting people walk all over me. No, I am the one who does the walking here, and u, my silly little interviewee, are going to be the road I tread on. Nibble on my pantyhose and suck my toes, u front-desk peon. You adore it when I rub my soles on your rod don’t you? Well do not receive used to it. If u want to final in this company, you’re plan to receive to make me cheerful. And maybe if you do a worthy job, you’ll acquire a couple of my worn nylons for your Christmas bonus. But for now, shag my pussy and smell my toes, your boss lady is banging wanton.

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Bared Soles 1207 – Editorial – Shy Leg Guy

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Bared Soles 1207 – Editorial – Coyness Leg Woman chaser

I can’t tell you my name ‘coz I promised not to, but I can say that I’m a 20-year-old, single, and currently unemployed. I live in a small town where everyone knows everybody else. If anyone detected out about the fact that I love legs as much as I do, well, it would be all over this petite city in a heartbeat. I do not want to be considered the city freak. People do not have leg fetishes here. At least not like I do. I know that I’m gorgeous much the unusual ladies man out.
But sufficient about this stinking town. Let us talk about the utmost thing ever. To me, the sexiest part of a woman’s body are her legs and her taut, round wazoo. Whenever I watch a woman with lengthy, thick, toned legs, my schlong gets hard instantly and begins pulsating and then I get to masturbate as soon as I can.

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Cummy Pantyhose – Nikki Hunter

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Cummy Pantyhose

Hose paramours meet Nikki Hunter. This smokin’ hawt golden-haired likes to wear hose. This babe likes the attention this babe receives from males looking at her juicy legs. And that babe can’t live out of when lads desire to rub her nylon overspread legs with their hands and sometimes other parts of their bodies. Click on the picture above to watch a preview video of Nikki in tights, courtesy of Cummy Hose.

Nikki’s fresh lover has a tights fetish, and Nikki is looking forward to gratifying his cravings. This babe wore a piar of black hose this day and when this dude her legs that lady-killer could not resist fondelling her legs and massaging her feet. That fellow was rock hard previous to Nikki even touched his cock. She gave him a irrumation, but he definitely wanted greater amount than that. It wasn’t long previous to this woman chaser was bending her over, this chab ripped open her tights and compulsory his dick deep into her cunt!

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LEG SEX December 2007: 70 Photos of Pavlina

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

LEG SEX December 2007: 70 Pix of Pavlina

“I feel your eyes on my legs and I wanna put them on unveil for your perusal. I crave u to crawl beneath my desk and touch me. Run your tongue up and down my haunches until u can smell my wet crack juices through my straps. Remove my shoes and rub-down my feet until my toes curl with pleasure. Then, I desire you to pull me beneath there with u and have your way with me on the floor.”

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Heel Boy: 80 Photos of Dede Lopez

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Heel Boy: 80 Pictures of Dede Lopez

“Do u like my furry boots? They keep my fashionable legs nice and toasty, but don’t be fooled…my heart is made of ice. That means I’ve no use for u other than to be my carnal bondman. Have u been a nice boy this year, or have u been a nasty pig? I think you’ve been a little of both so I have decided to castigate u first and then, perhaps, I’ll give you a little reward. I want u to get admirable and rock hard. Touch your jock right now you indecent beast! Worthy. That feels worthy doesn’t it? Now I want u to sit on your hands and look at me. You cannot touch your dong some other time. If u do, I will come over there and trample it. This is about my gratification, not yours. See as I pose and prance and then rip the gusset with out my tights and plunder and ravish my tight snatch with this astronomical plastic penis. I must bonk myself with this sextoy ‘coz obviously u can not satisfy me the way I’ve to be satisfied. If u
follow all my instructions, then once I’m done soaking these used pantyhose with my musky juices, I’m intend to come over there and poke them in your mouth and let you keep them. Isn’t that good of me? That’s right, it’s. Perky Christmas you sniveling little boy.”

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Cummy Pantyhose – Hailey Young

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

Cummy Pantyhose

Hailey Youthful and her guy are celebrating their anniversary by gonna a fine hotel. Hailey went to acquire some ice from the machine down the hall and when that babe returns that babe finds him wearing a pair of her pantyhose. Most babes would be shocked, but Hailey is turned on by it! This babe knows her dude has a hose fetish and urges to assist him satisfy his dream.

Hailey comes over and begins to rub his dick through the nylon material and he gets hard. This babe rips open his hose so that that babe can need to his cock with her throat. This babe gives him a oral job, then starts to grind her tights covered muff against his now unbending schlong. That fellow can feel how juicy she’s getting, even through the pantyhose and just has to tear it apart so he shag her! It is one sexy rogering session with ’em the one and the other wearing pantyhose!

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Cummy Pantyhose – Chloe Chanel

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Cummy Pantyhose

Meet Chloe Chanel, the lastest addition to Cummy Tights. This blond bombshell is a cutie and looks like a cross betwixt Nicole Richie and Britney Murphy. I hope her boyfriend knows how favourable he’s! Chloe has prevented by her boyfriend’s place to see how he is doing. He’s recovering from the flu and that babe urges to know if there’s anything that babe can do to make him feel more worthwhile.

Chloe’s ladies man has a tights fetish and when this charmer sees her legs covered in pantyhose today, this woman chaser knows exactly what kind of medicine will make him feel more nice. Just coz this smooth operator is sick, doesn’t mean that this chab is not horny. This chab starts to rub her muff throughout the tights and she starts to get soaking. He licks her cookie through the tights and she’s begging to acquire drilled. One time, she makes him hard with a quick oral job, he tears apart her hose and buries his weenie into her juicy cum-hole!

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LEG SEX December 2007: 70 Photos of Zeta Kellie

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

LEG SEX December 2007: 70 Images of Zeta Kellie

“Men completely love my legs. I by no means understood the appeal of thicker legs until I began having an affair with my high school professor a not many years ago. This chab would ask me to clamp my legs around him really hard during the time that we were having sex. Eventually, this chab asked me to lock my legs around his face and squeeze during the time that that chap jerked off. That gave me a sense of force, and I liked that.”

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