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Video Shorts: 17:12 Minute Video of Zeta Kellie

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Movie Shorts: 17:12 Minute Clip of Zeta Kellie

Zeta Kellie has full, thick legs and hips, which that babe happily showcases for you in a bright red fishnet body stocking. This babe touches herself and sits in the tub, luscious body stocking still clinging to her voluptuous curves and then suds her feet and legs and shakes her round ass. A messy female getting clean at no time looked so worthwhile.


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Heel Boy: 80 Photos of Jennifer Janes

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Heel Boy: 80 Pictures of Jennifer Janes

Jennifer Janes has unfathomable and erotic sexual dreams that that babe desires u to fulfill. This smokin’ cougar with firm bra buddies and milky thighs has plans for u…all of you. “I crave to lay in a humongous copper tub and be serviced by many men at the same time. I desire ’em to worship my body and suck on my toes whilst I let the water run down in rivulets over my fullsome funbags and between my legs. Then I wish ’em all to touch themselves and spray their tribute all over my haunches so I can feel the warmth of it.” You heard her…pay her tribute right now!


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LEG SEX June 2007: 67 Photos of Crystal Gunns

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

LEG SEX June 2007: 67 Pictures of Crystal Gunns

Feature dancer Crystal Gunns made her magazine debut in the March ’02 issue of SCORE magazine (already sold-out) and it is not hard to see why she was an instant hit there and remains one of their majority popular adult models to today. We’ll give u a hint–she’s got 2 of ’em and they’re not her legs! Crystal is worshiped like a domme for her extraordinary 36FF love melons.


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Rubber Ball: 80 Photos of Lucy Fire

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Rubber Ball: 80 Fotos of Lucy Fire

Lucy Fire knows what it takes to make her happy. “If I want smth, I get it. That’s all there is to that. If I watch a chap I urge, I get him. If I watch a female I like, I receive her. I’m very aggressive and confident. There isn’t anything I wish that I do not get. I’m a vigour to be reckoned with.” Ok ladies and gentlemen, take a lengthy, stiff look at this sexy woman’s milky, corpulent stems in thigh-high, white stockings. Look at her heart-shaped ass and investigate her fierce red stilettos with their dagger silver heels. Would u say no to this woman? Neither would we. It is no wonder that babe receives what she craves.


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Video Shorts: 12:44 Minute Video of Jewels Jones

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Movie scene Shorts: 12:44 Minute Episode of Jewels Jones

Jewels Jones will blow your mind. She loves it all, from footjobs to blowjobs. As long as u spank her feet, her arse and her wet crack with your dick, this fishnet-clad nympho will pursue you anywhere. “I just like being nasty,” says Jewels. “If something is perverted or freaky, even if I’m not that into it, I’ll do it just because the idea of doing smth dirty makes me rogering hawt. I just started being into foot-play and leg-play and I adore it. It’s a turn-on for me when a lady-killer wishes to try recent things, and cumming all over my feet is nice-looking kinky and fresh to me.”


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Heel Boy: 80 Photos of Lake Russell

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Heel Boy: 80 Fotos of Lake JEREMY

Lake RUBEN is the ideal sample of what an maturer Madame should be: Leggy, lithe, erotic and smokin’ hawt. There is smth in her eyes that hints if u do not behave, she will trample you with out blinking twice. Not that we’d mind. This maturer vamp can discipline us whenever this babe would like. “I like well-behaved guys and ladies. Sometimes that means I must break ’em like wild horses, but that’s just as nice. No thing gives me larger amount enjoyment than imposing my will on anybody. In fact, I savour the defiance.” Oh, Lake, we’d chase you anywhere.


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LEG SEX June 2007: 70 Photos of Cameron

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

LEG SEX June 2007: 70 Pics of Cameron

“Get your skinny gazoo over here,” commands saucy Cameron. “I need you to satisfy me. I need u to be an flexible little lady-killer until I say it is time for u to stick it in me–and then, I need u to give it to me very rock hard and very fast. But you better not cum until I say u can, which will be after I have climaxed twice–or 3 times.”


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Toe Jam: 80 Photos of Lacey Grant

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Toe Jam: 80 Photos of Lacey Grant

Do u know how obscene ladies like to cum clean? They like to soak in a bubble bathroom wearing nothing but a pair of sheer, dark, crotchless panties. And the ravishing Lacey does just that. That babe rubs her feet with agreeable bubbles and toys with her clitoris, but that babe at not time takes off her knickers. “I like the feel of certain materials on my body so I suppose it’s carnal to wear crotchless straps. It is the idea of your wearing something, but your open and available. It turns me on to wear short skirts and crotchless briefs. Especially when I’m in a business collision and can spread my legs at the opportune pont of time and flash anybody.” That’s the kind of business casual we like around here.


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Video Shorts – Latin Fire: 14:54 Minute Video of JJ Cruz

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Video Shorts – Latin Fire: 14:54 Minute Video of JJ Cruz

Ever fantasy of a sexy Latina in a white, lace body stocking? Do u fantasize about her fingers toying with her toes and feet whilst her other roams to the open gash in her stocking so this babe can grope her soaked muff? Well dream no greater amount. JJ Cruz is the impressive Latin babe you’ve been craving. With her charming peds painted red and her lengthy limbs wrapped around the arms of the chair she’s in, JJ brings herself to a moaning climax. And this babe knows you’re watching, which is why that babe is relishing herself so much.


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