Stella Cox

April 27, 2017 – 5:42 pm

Stella Cox Stella Cox
Stella Cox @
Stella Cox can’t live without her feet not quite as much as she likes BBC. Just see her, clothed up like a cute, little floozy. This babe is here to impress Flash Brown, who she’s not ever banged…but has wanted to for a long-time. Stella loves her penis thick and dark-skinned as much Flash likes his pussy tight and white. Flash loves feet, too. Stella’s size 7’s and her new pedicure make Flash’s heavy dark-skinned shlong throb with delight. Flash will worship Stella’s feet: engulf her skinny toes; lightly lick her silky-smooth soles; wrap the one and the other around his BBC and screw ’em. Then it’s on to Stella’s pink, luscious cunt. Flash will pound her ultra-tight shit pipe as well, all the time turning back to her marvelous feet. That’s where he’ll squirt his jism, likewise. Stella’s feet are a sticky mess, but do not worry…you’ll be skilled to view her clean them up, likewise!
Stella Cox Stella Cox

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Harley Jade

February 10, 2017 – 9:04 pm

Harley Jade Harley Jade
Harley Jade @
In addition to being a red-hot "PAWG", Harley Jade is a dark jock bimbo. Just look at her, laying on the bed next to her Bull after getting pounded by BBC. She is clothed and about to leave until her Bull makes a confession: this lady-killer can’t live with out feet. He’s got a foot fetish, but Harley already knew. It’s one of the reasons she keeps her sexy shoes near the ottoman during the time that they screw. After his confession, the Bull is plan to put on — then take off — her hawt shoes whilst worshiping her glamorous, beautiful Size 7’s. Giving a kiss them and licking with tongue ’em in advance of this lady-killer reams her cookie one time more. In betwixt plowing her pink, luscious hole, this charmer kisses and licks her feet…before taking Harley’s taut, tight backdoor. This is the 1st time Harley takes a dark Bull up her shit pipe, and that babe likes the feeling of being stretched open so much! Harley likewise can’t live out of the taste of her wazoo…almost as much as this babe loves her feet jizzed on, which is exactly where her Bull explodes: all over Harley’s freshly-manicured, worthy piggies!
Harley Jade Harley Jade

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August Taylor

October 18, 2016 – 11:13 am

August Taylor August Taylor
August Taylor @
August Taylor is a shoe whore. U should see her closet! It is literally packed with hundred of pairs of shoes, and today’s she’s chosen 4 that she feels matches her sexy raiment. What she’s envisaging for is a well-hung man to worship her feet and stretch her snatch to places it’s not at any time been in advance of. Enter Rico Meaty. He’s got a 10-inch pole and stamina. Let’s face it, u probably don’t. August knows this, and this babe is prepared herself for an afternoon of feet and rogering, and she’s welcomed u into her bedroom to look at it all go down!
August Taylor August Taylor

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Hose Beast

September 29, 2016 – 4:11 am

Pantyhose Animal

Hose Beast

Do u know where u are? You’re in the jungle, baby, and Natalia Jay is here to make sure you’ve the proper training to survive. Ms. Jay urges u to drop down and give her 20…strokes of your jock, naturally. Then this babe wants u to do Twenty jumping jacks, nude, so this babe can observe your manhood bounce up and down. She loves it when you are vulnerable. Now crawl throughout the mud to her legs, and kiss her shoes. That’s right, maggots, she’s in charge!

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Sandy Will Turn You On And Punish You

September 28, 2016 – 3:56 am

Sandy Will Turn You On And Castigate You

Sandy Will Turn You On And Chastise You

Sandy likes to set the mood with candles and put on a little flaunt for you. That babe makes a humongous fuss with her garters and Cuban-heeled stockings before peeling them off so she can sniff them. But u more excellent behave ‘cuz just as quickly as she’s kind, Sandy will turn on you and castigate you adore the little dog you’re. There’s nothing worse than a woman chaser who doesn’t pay attention, so you’d more magnificant be on your toes with Sandy, or she will shove her toes into your crotch and trample u for all u are worth!

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Rub Down

September 27, 2016 – 3:37 am

Rub Down

Rub Down

“I know u wanna check out me engulf and bonk my feet, you dirty, bawdy boy!” says Cadence whilst caressing lotion all over her legs. “There is no thing I love more than when my slaves sit and observe me touch and lave my feet with my tongue. You love that, do not you? If u sit perfectly still, then maybe I will allow you to rub your rock hard, little pecker on my feet for a hardly any minutes. But don’t you dare say a word! If you do, I’ll taste your face with my feet and power my foot in your throat, u disgusting, little pervert!”

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Soapy Legs

September 26, 2016 – 4:07 am

Soapy Legs

Soapy Legs

The trials of her lengthy day make Leah tired so that babe needs to give herself a foot rub-down. She is so fatigued, that babe can’t even take her nylons off. She resolves to loosen up in the tub, but those darn stockings are still too much work to remove, so that babe hops right in with ’em on. And that’s valuable by us, ‘coz nothing is hotter than a lady in captivating stockings…except a luscious female-dom in wet stockings.

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Rubber Ball

September 23, 2016 – 4:23 am

Rubber Ball

Rubber Ball

“Do u hear that, foot-boy? That is the sound of my latex stockings caressing jointly. They should be simple to hear from down there, where u belong, cowering at my feet. And wouldn’t u like for me to push my latex-covered toes in your concupiscent, little throat? I guess that a groveling girly ladies man like you could probably fit both of my feet in your throat at the same time. You’d love that, wouldn’t u? My feet stretching your throat wide is your sickest fantasy, I’m sure. And don’t think I do not watch you trying to rub that pathetic excuse for a 10-Pounder, ‘cuz I do. But u more worthwhile not even think of cumming. Not one drop. We one as well as the other know the rules, and they clearly put me in charge. Do not you think I know I can make your little ding-dong drizzle whenever I desire? I just don’t wish you to, yet. And do not look so kooky…I may not let you cum at all.”

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Thick Thighs, Big Ass, Fucked Pussy

September 22, 2016 – 3:43 am

Thick Hips, Greater than average Ass, Fucked Love tunnel

Thick Thighs, Greater than standard Gazoo, Fucked Pussy

“What gets me off the majority? Cradling a man’s strapon and balls betwixt my nylon-covered feet. I love feeling the friction of my hose caressing against his shaft as it acquires harder and harder. And I’d be lying if I say that I did not adore the force. I think he likes it also. Knowing that any pont of time I could crush his almost all sensitive area with my feet. Perhaps that is why my loving footboys are so mad to please me.”

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